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Cocktail Shakers

Get mixing with our wide range of cocktail mixers, you'll soon be making cocktails in no time. The Boston Shaker is perfect for bartenders, this two-part shaker makes the ideal flair cocktail shaker and is designed for use with a cocktail strainer.

Meanwhile, the three-piece cocktail shaker sometimes called a Cobbler Cocktail Shaker features an in-built strainer in the lid and is perfect for following cocktail recipes.

The third style of cocktail shaker is Parisian, or French, which has a similar shape to the cobbler, but doesn't feature the in-built strainer. With visual style being such an important part of mixology, the Parisian shaker allows bartenders the option to achieve the visual flair of the Japanese Cobbler shaker, with the practicality of the American Boston shaker.

Available in a range of colours and styles, with everything from stainless steel, gunmetal and copper.

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  1. Boston Shaker Can Copper 28oz/80cl
    Copper Boston Shaker Can 28oz/80cl SKU: F93003

    Starting at £1.56 £1.30

  2. Boston Shaker Can Stainless Steel 28oz/80cl
    Stainless Steel Boston Shaker Can 28oz/80cl SKU: F91096

    Starting at £1.56 £1.30

  3. Boston Shaker Copper 22.5oz/64cl
    Copper Boston Shaker 22.5oz SKU: BSC22C

    Starting at £2.12 £1.77

  4. Boston Shaker Stainless Steel 28oz/80cl
    Stainless Steel Boston Shaker 28oz SKU: BSC28

    Starting at £2.12 £1.77

  5. Boston Shaker Vintage 28oz/80cl
    Vintage Boston Shaker Can SKU: BSC28V

    Starting at £2.12 £1.77

  6. Beaumont 3583 Deluxe Cocktail Shaker St/Steel 750ml
    Cocktail Shaker Stainless Steel 750ml Deluxe SKU: 3583
    £9.60 £8.00
  7. Copper Cocktail Shaker 500ml
    Copper Cocktail Shaker 500ml SKU: 6782-50C
    £14.00 £11.67
  8. Copper Parisian Cocktail Shaker 700ml
    Copper Parisian Cocktail Shaker 700ml SKU: 6783C
    £17.23 £14.36
  9. Beaumont 3338 Copper Plated 2 Piece Art Deco Shaker
    Copper Plated Art Deco Shaker 550ml SKU: 3338
    £17.40 £14.50
  10. Gun Metal Cocktail Shaker 50cl/17.5oz
    Gun Metal Cocktail Shaker 500ml SKU: 6782-50GM
    £14.00 £11.67
  11. Gun Metal Parisian Cocktail Shaker 70cl
    Gun Metal Parisian Cocktail Shaker 700ml SKU: 6783GM
    £17.23 £14.36
  12. Parisian Cocktail Shaker 60cl/21oz
    Parisian Cocktail Shaker Stainless Steel 600ml SKU: 6784
    £11.89 £9.91
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