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Vicrila Wine Glasses, Gin Glasses, Beer Glasses & More

Vicrila Glassware

One Of The Biggest & Oldest Glassware Manufacturers In Spain

Vicrila is well known throughout the restaurant and catering industry for their high quality, high performance wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, tumblers and stemware.

Their collection of over 100 different glasses has been designed and selected for use within busy hospitality environments. Making over 200 million units per year, Vicrila glasses have grown a strong reputation for outstanding product performance and exceptional table presentation.

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    Aiala Hiball Tumbler 31cl
    Vicrila Aiala Hiball Tumbler 31cl x12 SKU: V0136
    Special Price £9.18 £7.65 Regular Price £10.20
    (£0.64 per unit)
  2. 10%
    Aiala Hiball Tumbler 36cl
    Vicrila Aiala Hiball Tumbler 36cl x12 SKU: V0137
    Special Price £9.89 £8.24 Regular Price £10.98
    (£0.69 per unit)
  3. Aran Hiball Tumbler 35cl
    Vicrila Aran Hiball Tumbler 35cl x12 SKU: V0299
    £19.02 £15.85
    (£1.32 per unit)
  4. Aran Rocks Tumbler 25cl
    Vicrila Aran Rocks Tumbler 25cl x12 SKU: V0297
    £14.40 £12.00
    (£1.00 per unit)
  5. Aran Rocks Tumbler 35cl
    Vicrila Aran Rocks Tumbler 35cl x12 SKU: V0298
    £19.02 £15.85
    (£1.32 per unit)
  6. Belagua Beer Glass 33cl
    Vicrila Belagua Beer Glass 33cl x12 SKU: V0386
    £13.26 £11.05
    (£0.92 per unit)
  7. Belagua Beer Glass 47cl
    Vicrila Belagua Beer Glass 47cl x12 SKU: V0398
    £15.00 £12.50
    (£1.04 per unit)
  8. Belagua Beer Glass 56cl
    Vicrila Belagua Beer Glass 56cl x12 SKU: V0384
    £16.14 £13.45
    (£1.12 per unit)
  9. Blue Hawaii Cocktail Glass 47cl
    Vicrila Blue Hawaii Cocktail Glass 47cl x6 SKU: V1065
    £14.82 £12.35
    (£2.06 per unit)
  10. Chupito Shot Glass 4cl
    Vicrila Chupito Shot Glass 4cl x12 SKU: V0187
    £4.44 £3.70
    (£0.31 per unit)
  11. Conil Beer Glass 28cl
    Vicrila Conil Beer Glass 28cl x12 SKU: V0222
    £10.02 £8.35
    (£0.70 per unit)
  12. Conil Beer Glass 47cl
    Vicrila Conil Beer Glass 47cl x12 SKU: V0224
    £12.90 £10.75
    (£0.90 per unit)
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