Revolutionising and Redefining Front of House Cooking with Lincat’s CIBO

Launching a new product is always an exciting time for Buzz Catering Supplies and we are thrilled to be working with Lincat on their CIBO oven. Marketing Assistant, Emmalena Ellis discusses its unique selling points.

A British brand synonymous with quality and innovation; Lincat’s CIBO – which launched in 2019, is the latest development in the company’s shift towards a more front of house inclusive environment.

Ideal for ventless environments or smaller scale kitchens, wet-led pubs and mobile caterers, the CIBO oven provides a versatile, quick-cook process that streamlines the need for fast food without compromising on the overall quality and taste of the dish. Thus, making it a practical alternative to both merrychefs and microwaves. With minimal effort, this compact appliance weighs only 27kg and can be stacked or applied to a wall unit with the option of cost-effective aditions, also available in store.

Always keen to recommend the best in catering products, the team at Buzz spent the morning of 29th January 2020 working closely with Lincat’s Oliver Eaglen and chef Sophie Piccirilli to make a selection of mouth-watering pizzas and toasted sandwiches with minimal effort and preparation, in under 3 minutes.

One of the greatest attractions of the CIBO, which can be purchased in five eye-catching colours is how simple the product is to run and set-up, with a quick start guide being provided with 11 recipes, to reflect the pre-set menu options on the interface. A ventless product, it capitalises instead on providing a streamlined process of cooking, toasting or reheating both fresh and frozen food in minutes.

During the demo, we were impressed by how easy it was to use, even with nominal chef training and assistance. 


This reflects the increasing importance for companies to interact more directly with their customers; appealing to them on an aesthetic level as much as improving and retaining customer interest and satisfaction. The CIBO is a fantastic return on overall profits in a twelve-month period, ideal for those tight on budget and space. 

Fast cooking should not be reserved for microwave technology. An achievable solution can be obtained with the CIBO which provides fast food at a greater quality than its competitors.

- Oliver Eaglen, Lincat

For the ever-evolving consumer need, the Cibo oven is a practical choice for breakfast foods or quick snacks that are easily accessible to the commuter as the leisurely dinner and it excels at muffins, croissants, cookies and breakfast baps – the latter being able to be constructed in less time due to the CIBO’s versatile cooking approach to each individual element.


The product is also packed with useful accessories such as a USB to plug in and load additional updates, recipes and general support and maintenance, a Teflon sheet to cook with and pizza paddle so that you can plug in and cook straight away!  

By using a touchscreen interface the product is not meant to replace your staff but can make it easier to streamline your frontline – leaving you more time to multitask on running your business shift to shift.

Discover your Cibo today at Buzz Catering Supplies.

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