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Essential Bar Disposables

We have been proudly supplying bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants with essential bar disposables for over 50 years and regularly deliver essential bar equipment including straws, stirrers, cocktail accessories and plastic glasses to all types of catering business across the country. Browse our bar supplies range and shop for new trendy paper straws alongside great every-day essentials such as bamboo knot pics. We are not solely an internet based company and specialise in supply bar disposables to large pub chains across the country. Our expert product consultants regularly work with our clients to source and supply bespoke products. If you are interested in printed plastic glasses or napkins, or a distinctive design of straw then speak to us today. 

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    Paper Straws - Black Stripe - 8" x 25
    Paper Straw 8 Inch Black Stripe x100 SKU: D6-PSBW
    Special Price £1.19 £0.99 Regular Price £1.49
    (£0.01 per unit)
  2. Birchwood Wooden Cocktail Sticks
    Birchwood Cocktail Sticks x1000 SKU: 304
    £1.19 £0.99
  3. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 9cm
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 9cm x100 SKU: BAMP35
    £1.80 £1.50
    (£0.02 per unit)
  4. Bamboo Looped Skewers 9cm
    Bamboo Looped Skewers 9cm x100 SKU: BMBLS9
    £1.86 £1.55
    (£0.02 per unit)
  5. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 12cm x100
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 12cm x100 SKU: BAMP45
    Out of Stock
    £1.86 £1.55
  6. Bamboo Looped Skewers 12cm
    Bamboo Looped Skewers 12cm x100 SKU: BMBLS12
    £2.21 £1.84
    (£0.02 per unit)
    Biodegradable Bendy Straw 8 Inch Black x250
    Biodegradable Compostable PLA Bendy Drinking Straw 8 Inch Black (Pack of 250) SKU: BIO6-8INS-B-B
    £2.22 £1.85 As low as £2.14
    (£0.01 per unit)
  8. Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm x100 SKU: BMBFS15
    £2.24 £1.87
    (£0.02 per unit)
  9. Buzz BAMK35 Bamboo Knot Pick x100
    Bamboo Knot Pick (9cm) x100 SKU: BAMK35
    £2.30 £1.92
    (£0.02 per unit)
  10. Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100 SKU: BMBFS18
    £2.45 £2.04
    (£0.02 per unit)
  11. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 15cm x100
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 15cm x100 SKU: BAMP15
    £2.45 £2.04
    (£0.02 per unit)
  12. Natural Bamboo Knot Picks
    Bamboo Knot Pick (11.5cm) x100 SKU: BAMK45
    £2.47 £2.06
    (£0.02 per unit)
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