Disposable Tableware for Catering

Our disposable tableware for catering collection covers all the essential disposable and consumable items that are used in restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs and cafes on a daily basis. Specifically chosen for professional caterers and chefs, our range of disposables will suit the requirements of all business types, from mobile caterers to pubs and hotels hosting events. Alongside some of the most commonly used items, such as disposable cutlery, plastic cups, napkins and candles, we boast a vast range of innovative disposables tableware pieces – from improving food presentation to decorating front of house environments. 

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  1. Birchwood Wooden Cocktail Sticks
    Birchwood Cocktail Sticks x1000 SKU: 304
    £1.19 £0.99
  2. Doily - Round - 9cm x 250
    Doily - Round - 9cm x 250 SKU: 37800/1
    £1.26 £1.05
  3. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 9cm
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 9cm x100 SKU: BAMP35
    £1.80 £1.50
    (£0.02 per unit)
  4. Bamboo Looped Skewers 9cm
    Bamboo Looped Skewers 9cm x100 SKU: BMBLS9
    £1.86 £1.55
    (£0.02 per unit)
  5. Doily - Round - 11.5cm x 250
    Doily - Round - 11.5cm x 250 SKU: 37801
    £1.92 £1.60
    (£0.01 per unit)
  6. Bamboo Looped Skewers 12cm
    Bamboo Looped Skewers 12cm x100 SKU: BMBLS12
    £2.04 £1.70
    (£0.02 per unit)
  7. Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm x100 SKU: BMBFS15
    £2.04 £1.70
    (£0.02 per unit)
  8. Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100 SKU: BMBFS18
    £2.22 £1.85
    (£0.02 per unit)
  9. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 18cm x100
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 18cm x100 SKU: BAMP7
    £2.34 £1.95
    (£0.02 per unit)
  10. Bamboo Steak Markers Well Done
    Bamboo Steak Marker 9cm Well Done x100 SKU: WELLDONE
    £2.34 £1.95
    (£0.02 per unit)
  11. Bamboo Steak Markers Rare
    Bamboo Steak Marker 9cm Rare x100 SKU: RARE
    £2.34 £1.95
    (£0.02 per unit)
  12. Bamboo Steak Markers Medium Well
    Bamboo Steak Marker 9cm Medium Well x100 SKU: MEDWELL
    £2.34 £1.95
    (£0.02 per unit)
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