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Disposable Cutlery For Catering

We offer a comprehensive collection of disposable cutlery that is specifically chosen for use in catering establishments. Choose from traditional plastic disposable knives, forks and spoons that are great for mobile caterers and take-away food service or shop for disposable wooden cutlery that is sustainably sourced, fully recyclable and bio-degradable. We also offer specialist disposable cutlery items, such as chip forks, combi knifes and tea or coffee stirrers. 

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  1. Compostable Corn Starch Cutlery - Knife (Pack of 50)
    Compostable Corn Starch Knife (Pack of 50) SKU: CSKN183
    £2.28 £1.90
    (£0.04 per unit)
  2. Compostable Corn Starch Cutlery - Fork (Pack of 50)
    Compostable Corn Starch Fork (Pack of 50) SKU: CSFK175
    £2.28 £1.90
    (£0.04 per unit)
  3. Compostable Corn Starch Cutlery - Spoon (Pack of 50)
    Compostable Corn Starch Spoon (Pack of 50) SKU: CSDS170
    Out of Stock
    £2.28 £1.90
  4. NEW
    Birchwood Disposable Wooden Tea Spoon
    Wooden Teaspoon x100 SKU: DP314
    £2.76 £2.30
    (£0.02 per unit)
  5. NEW
    Birchwood Disposable Wooden Fork
    Wooden Fork x100 SKU: DP312
    £3.30 £2.75
    (£0.03 per unit)
  6. NEW
    Birchwood Disposable Wooden Knife
    Wooden Knife x100 SKU: DP311
    £3.30 £2.75
    (£0.03 per unit)
  7. NEW
    Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoon
    Wooden Dessert Spoon x100 SKU: DP313
    £3.36 £2.80
    (£0.03 per unit)
  8. NEW
    Birchwood Disposable Wooden Chip Forks
    Wooden Chip Fork x1000 SKU: DP308A
    £4.32 £3.60
  9. Microwaveable Towel Wipes (Pack of 100)
    Microwaveable Towel Wipes (Pack of 100) SKU: DP284
    £5.52 £4.60
    (£0.05 per unit)
  10. Freshener Hand Wipes (Pack of 1000)
    Freshener Hand Wipes (Pack of 1000) SKU: DP295H3C
    Out of Stock
    £18.00 £15.00
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