Catering Aluminium Foil, Cling Film & Baking Parchment for Catering

Used by almost every catering establishment, catering foil, cling film and baking parchment are an essential kitchen disposable that can help with all elements of food preparation – from storage through to cooking. As a specialist supplier to restaurants, cafes and professional chefs, all our products are of a commercial grade, designed for professional use in commercial kitchens. Browse our extensive range of cutter box, refill packages and dispenser systems, including the revolutionary Wrapmaster cling film and catering foil dispenser that can help businesses to save on consumables whilst ensuring the highest levels of health and safety. 

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  1. Catering Cling Film 30cm x 300m
    Cling Film Cutterbox 30cm x 300m SKU: 32C08
    £4.14 £3.45
  2. Catering Aluminium Foil 30cm x 75m
    Catering Aluminium Foil Cutterbox 30cm x 75m SKU: 23C04
    £4.68 £3.90
  3. Caterwrap 32C09 Catering Cling Film 45cm x 300m
    Cling Film Cutterbox 45cm x 300m SKU: 32C09
    £5.88 £4.90
  4. Catering Baking Parchment 45cm x 50m
    Catering Baking Parchment Cutterbox 45cm x 50m SKU: 21B23
    £6.30 £5.25
  5. Catering Aluminium Foil 45cm x 75m
    Catering Aluminium Foil (Cutterbox) 45cm x 75m SKU: 23C05
    £6.66 £5.55
  6. Wrapmaster Compact Dispenser
    Wrapmaster Compact Dispenser (30cm) SKU: 63M1S
    £19.80 £16.50
  7. Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser (45cm)
    Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser (45cm) SKU: 63M91
    £29.40 £24.50
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