Commercial Potato Chippers & Peelers

Potato chippers and peelers significantly reduce time when preparing potatoes for chips or mashed potato. We also have a range of potato rumblers which also peels and cleans large quantities of potatoes quickly and efficiently.

Our range of potato chippers and peelers comes from top catering brands including Lincat, Sammic, IMC, and Hurricane. Browse our full range of chippers & peelers below.

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  1. Potato Chipper - Hand Operated - CF5 Sammic
    Sammic Hand Chipping Machine CF-5 (8 x 8 mm) SKU: CF5
    £270.00 £225.00
  2. Hurricane Potato Peeler 165kg/hour
    Hurricane Potato Peeler 165kg/hour SKU: HLP-15
    £864.00 £720.00
  3. Sammic PP6 Potato Rumbler 150kg/hour
    Sammic PP6 Potato Rumbler 150kg/hour SKU: PP6
    £898.80 £749.00
  4. Sammic M-5 Potato Peeler 100kg/hour
    Sammic M-5 Potato Peeler 100kg/hour SKU: 1000565
    £954.00 £795.00
  5. Hurricane Potato Peeler 190kg/hour
    Hurricane Potato Peeler 190kg/hour SKU: HLP-20
    £960.00 £800.00
  6. Lincat LPP35  Potato Peeler
    IMC VQ3.5 Compact Potato Peeler SKU: LPP35
    £1,164.00 £970.00
  7. Sammic PP12+ Potato Rumbler 270kg/hour
    Sammic PP12 Potato Rumbler 270kg/hour SKU: PP12
    £1,170.00 £975.00
  8. IMC VQ70 Compact Potato Peeler
    IMC VQ70 Compact Potato Peeler SKU: LPP70
    £1,416.00 £1,180.00
  9. Sammic Potato Peeler  PI-10 230/50/1
    Sammic PI-10 Potato Peeler 240kg/hour SKU: PI-10
    £1,488.00 £1,240.00
  10. Sammic Potato Peeler PI-20  230/50/1
    Sammic PI-20 Potato Peeler 480kg/hour SKU: PI-20
    £1,746.00 £1,455.00
  11. Lincat LPCH Potato Chipper
    IMC PC2 Potato Chipper SKU: LPCH
    £2,070.00 £1,725.00
  12. Sammic Potato Peeler PI-30  230/50/1
    Sammic PI-30 Potato Peeler 720kg/hour SKU: PI-30
    £2,652.00 £2,210.00
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