Cleaning Appliances

Cleaning Appliances for Catering Establishments

To fully ensure that all areas of your catering establishment are kept clean and germ-free we have an extensive selection of professional electric cleaning appliances including commercial vacuum cleaner, rotary cleaners and pressure washers from a selection of high quality manufacturers including Numatic, Sprintus and Karcher.

Vacuum Cleaners

Our range of commercial vacuum cleaners has been designed to meet the needs of catering establishments, such as bars, pubs, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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Janitorial Carts

Our range of housekeeping carts and janitorial service carts are ideal for housekeeping staff and hoteliers and suitable for a wide range of applications across the catering and hospitality trade.

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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers greatly reduce the risk of wet hands spreading bacteria, promoting a more hygienic washroom for your staff and your customers.

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Baby Changing

We offer range of baby changing stations featuring anti-bacterial protection and various safety features. Choose between vertical and horizontal folding designs to suit the needs of your facilities.

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