Rotary Flat Surface Cleaners

For larger catering establishments, such as hotels, clubs, schools and hospitals rotary cleaners are an essential appliance for keeping floor surfaces clean and functional. Our range of Rotary cleaners is ideal for maintaining hard floor surfaces, allowing you to achieve a professionally cleaned look with ease. Each rotary flat surface cleaner provides heavy duty scrubbing and polishing power, depending on applicator head chosen. As a great alternative to Numatic, why not see our range of Sprintus floor scrubbers and rotary cleaners which have been tried and tested in the catering trade to ensure long-term durability and practicality. 

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  1. Sprintus EEM13R Floor Scrubber
    Sprintus EEM13R Single Disk Machine SKU: 202001
    £419.99 £349.99
  2. Sprintus EM17R Floor Scrubber
    Sprintus EM17R Single Disk Machine SKU: 201001
    £743.99 £619.99
  3. Sprintus ZEUS Floor Scrubber
    Sprintus Zeus Single Disk Machine SKU: 206001
    £1,115.99 £929.99
  4. Sprintus TORTUGA Battery Operated Floor Scrubber
    Sprintus Tortuga Battery Operated Floor Scrubber SKU: 210001
    £2,220.00 £1,850.00
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