Sanitiser Wipes for Catering

Sanitiser wipes are one of the most important hygiene and janitorial supplies in catering. They are essential to maintaining good hygiene practice in food preparation areas and commercial kitchens and help to ensure your business meets health and safety legislation. As a specialist supplier of janitorial supplies to the catering and hospitality trade, we stock and supply a wide range of sanitiser wipes, suitable for different applications throughout your business. Browse from our range that includes specialist sanitising wipes for commercial kitchens, such as probe wipes and antibacterial hand wipes or pick from our front-of-house range, including hand wipes for customers or multi-purpose surface wipes. 

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  1. Optima RH94 Sanitising Probe Wipes x200
    Sanitising Probe Wipes x200 SKU: RH94
    £3.48 £2.90
  2. Microwaveable Wipes x100
    Microwaveable Wipes x100 SKU: DP284
    £5.52 £4.60
  3. Optima RH92 Sanitising Surface Wipes x200
    Sanitising Surface Wipes x200 SKU: RH92
    £7.68 £6.40
  4. Optima RH93 Sanitising Hand Wipes x200
    Sanitising Hand Wipes x200 SKU: RH93
    £9.29 £7.74
  5. Handy Wipes
    Handy Wipes x150 SKU: RH97
    £11.82 £9.85
  6. Freshener Wipes - X1000
    Freshener Wipes x1000 SKU: DP295H3C
    £18.00 £15.00
  7. Sanitising Surface Wipes x1000
    Sanitising Surface Wipes x1000 SKU: RH90
    £34.80 £29.00
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