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Our wide range of food storage supplies and commercial kitchen equipment caters for all types of business, from small independent restaurants and bistro pubs to large-scale commercial kitchens found in hotel chains and cafeterias. Browse our extensive range of professional food storage from every-day essentials such as stainless steel gastronorm containers through to ingredient storage bins and thermal containers.

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  1. Workplace General Storage Basket - Yellow
    Workplace Storage Basket Yellow SKU: 15924Y
    £1.74 £1.45
  2. Workplace General Storage Basket - Green
    Workplace Storage Basket Green SKU: 15923G
    £1.74 £1.45
  3. Workplace Storage Basket Blue
    Workplace Storage Basket Blue SKU: 15922B
    £1.74 £1.45
  4. Workplace Storage Basket Red
    Workplace Storage Basket Red SKU: 15921R
    £1.74 £1.45
  5. Polypropylene Gastronorm Pan GN 1/9 100mm
    GN 1/9 Polypropylene Gastronorm Pan 100mm SKU: PP19-100
    £2.22 £1.85
  6. Lid for Polycarbonate Container 1.9-3.8 Litre Green
    Lid for Polycarbonate Container 1.9-3.8 Litre Green SKU: 10740-08
    £2.29 £1.91
  7. GN 1/6 Polypropylene Gastronorms
    GN 1/6 Polypropylene Gastronorms SKU: GN16PP-G

    Starting at £2.46 £2.05

  8. Polypropylene Gastronorm Pan GN 1/6 100mm
    GN 1/6 Polypropylene Gastronorm Pan 100mm SKU: PP16-100
    £2.46 £2.05
  9. Terrine Preserving Jar 525ml
    Terrine Preserving Jar 525ml SKU: C01
    £2.70 £2.25
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