Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are designed with a mesh structure allowing for optimal air circulation, ensuring that your baked goods cool down quickly and evenly. Our selection is available in various sizes to best suit your needs.

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  1. Genware Cooling Wire Tray 330mm x 230mm
    Genware Cooling Rack 330mm x 230mm SKU: CWT3323
    £4.16 £3.47
  2. Genware Cooling Wire Tray 470mm x 260mm
    Genware Cooling Rack 470mm x 260mm SKU: CWT4726
    £5.60 £4.67
  3. Cooling Rack Stainless Steel 13 x 9 Inch
    Sunnex Cooling Rack 330 x 230mm SKU: CCT-139
    £6.46 £5.38
  4. Cooling Rack Stainless Steel 18 x 12 Inch
    Sunnex Cooling Rack 460mm x 305mm SKU: CCT-1812
    £8.16 £6.80
  5. Cooling Rack Stainless Steel 24 x 18 Inch
    Sunnex Cooling Rack 610mm x 460mm SKU: CCT-2418
    £13.88 £11.57
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