Victorinox Chefs Knives

Victorinox Chefs Knives

Victorinox Chefs Knives are the UK's most popular choice when choosing professional kitchen knives, combining ergonomic handles with ultra-sharp cutting edges that are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use.

Buy Victorinox Chefs Knives online at low trade prices and choose from Victorinox Fibrinox Safety Grip with a high level of safety or browse Fibrox Nylon Handled Knives that feature a firm-grip ergonomic handle and have a specialist selection of Small Fibrox knives that are perfect for delicate chefs work.

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  1. Victorinox Fibrox Chef Knife 12.5cm
    Victorinox Fibrox Chefs Knife 12.5cm SPC661
  2. Victorinox Fibrox Kitchen Knife 15cm
    Victorinox Fibrox Kitchen Knife 15cm SPC659
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