Food Storage

Food Storage Solutions

Our wide range of food storage supplies and commercial kitchen equipment caters for all types of business, from small independent restaurants and bistro pubs to large-scale commercial kitchens found in hotel chains and cafeterias. Browse our extensive range of professional food storage from every-day essentials such as stainless steel gastronorm containers through to ingredient storage bins and thermal containers.


As suppliers to the catering trade, we have an extensive range of high quality gastronorm containers, in a range of materials including Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Ceramic and more.

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Ingredient Storage Bins

Perfect for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants or bakeries, Ingredient storage bins are perfect for providing easy access to frequently used bulk ingredients and save worktop space.

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Glass Food Storage

Although bottling sauces and jams is the primary function of these preserving jars, they can be put to many other practical uses as well.

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Food Storage Containers

Food Storage Containers are the perfect way to keep your kitchen clean, tidy and well organised, but there are many other benefits to using them.

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Insulated Food Storage

Take a look at our wide selection of insulated food boxes suitable for transporting hot and cold foods and keeping them at the right temperatures for hours.

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Vacuum Sealers

Whether you are looking for a large machine with a big chamber or a smaller bag sealer, our selection of machines include reliable, high quality machines.

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As specialist catering suppliers we offer a wide range of thermometers for use in your fridge or freezer to ensure that it stays cold enough to safely store food.

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