Commercial Kitchenware

Enabling professional chefs to do their jobs with full efficiency, we stock and supply a wide range of kitchen utensils for commercial kitchens, including trusted brands such as Genware, Global, Victorinox and Kitchencraft, alongside our own cost-effective own brand kitchen utensils. Each is recommended by our catering and hospitality experts, whom can offer chefs guidance, assistance and comparison on choosing the right kitchen utensils for the job in hand.

Chef's Utensils

Look through our diverse range of kitchen utensils and find a selection of the best brands and products for every task in the modern commercial kitchen.

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We have a wide range so if you are looking for stainless steel locking tongs, colour coded, allergen safe tongs or salad tongs, you'll find what you need here.

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Spoons & Ladles

Our range of commercial spoons and ladles are high quality and resilient enough for use in even the busiest commercial kitchen.

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We have a wide range of commercial food scoops, from premium chip scoops to ice cream dippers to food portioners.

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Servers provide an efficient and clean way to remove food from pans or trays with minimal effort, while allowing you to maintain first class service.

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Take control of your portions, tightly and accurately, with this selection of commercial scales, allowing you to measure and weigh your ingredients.

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Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls are just as important in food preparation as the chopping board or the chefs knife, but chances are you will need more than one.

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Measuring Jugs & Cups

Measuring jugs and cups provide you with accuracy and consistency. With clear markings, our range of jugs and cups are designed for use with wet or dry ingredients.

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Squeeze Bottles

Shop our wide range and buy squeeze bottles for chefs, including widemouthed bottles that are ideal for a variety of food preparation tasks, from cooking to decoration.

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