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Professional Chef’s Utensils

Look through our diverse range of kitchen utensils and find a selection of the best brands and products for every task in the modern commercial kitchen. Our collection of utensils has been designed to make your job in the kitchen easier

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  1. Firm Grip Bagel Cutter
    Firm Grip Bagel Cutter SKU: E5613
    £4.98 £4.15
  2. Firm Grip Garlic Press
    Firm Grip Garlic Press SKU: E5614
    £11.46 £9.55
  3. Firm Grip Kitchen Shears
    Firm Grip Kitchen Shears SKU: E6606
    £7.20 £6.00
  4. Firm Grip Mini Chef Knife
    Firm Grip Mini Chef Knife SKU: E5620
    £5.22 £4.35
  5. Firm Grip Garlic Press
    Firm Grip Oyster Shucker SKU: E5629
    £5.64 £4.70
  6. Firm Grip Paring Knife
    Firm Grip Paring Knife SKU: E5618
    £5.16 £4.30
  7. Firm Grip Soft Grip Poultry Shears
    Firm Grip Poultry Shears SKU: E6607
    £13.92 £11.60
  8. Firm Grip Small Slotted Spatula
    Firm Grip Small Slotted Spatula SKU: E5630
    £5.64 £4.70
  9. Genware 6" Carving Fork
    Genware Carving Fork 6 Inch SKU: K-FK6
    £9.50 £7.92
  10. Round Tip Chef Tweezers 31cm
    Genware Chefs Tweezers 31cm SKU: 951430
    £8.77 £7.31
  11. Garlic Press
    Genware Garlic Press SKU: 245
    £2.76 £2.30
  12. Stainless Steel Hamburger Turner
    Genware Hamburger Turner SKU: 05-189
    £5.42 £4.52
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