Pastry Items

Professional Pastry Utensils and Baking Tools

Leave no margin for error with these professional baking tools and pastry utensils which have been specially designed for use all day, every day. Whether you are looking for a traditional wooden rolling pin for working with dough, a chef's blow torch to toast meringues or a cream whipper to top off your dessert with perfectly whipped cream... we have all of these and many more, ideal for the seasoned professional baker.

Pastry Brushes

Designed for spreading egg wash or glaze on the top of pastry, coating bread with oil or butter, even basting meat with sauce or marinade.

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Pastry Knives

Our selection of pastry knives are ideal for cutting effortless through large cakes and pies, without tearing or ripping. Palette knives are also great for spreading icing on the cake.

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Pastry Utensils

Our wide selection of pastry utensils includes dough scrapers, ideal for cleaning as much of the dough from your bowl and a selection of rolling pins.

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Pastry Moulds

Our range of moulds includes dariole moulds, pudding basins and mousse rings, ideal for producing flawless individual desserts with perfect height and shape.

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Shakers and Sieves

We have a wide range of sieves and shakers, perfect for separating solids, straining sauces, and dusting flour and other powders over your baked goods or hot drinks.

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Icing Bags and Nozzles

Our icing bags and nozzles offer pastry specialists the tools that they require to produce incredible results, from elegant ripples, flower petals and all manner of impressive cake decorations.

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Cream Whippers and Charger Bulbs

The perfect way to top off desserts, create delicious hot chocolates and much more with our range of cream whippers and the replacement charger bulbs.

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Chef's Torches

Chef's Blow Torches create more heat than the grill, making them ideal for a number of daily tasks, such as heating knives to cut through frozen food or loosening desserts from moulds.

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