Chef's Torches

Chef's Blow Torches create more heat that the grill, making them perfect for a multitude of daily tasks, such as heating knives to cut through frozen food, loosening desserts from moulds or getting the perfect toasting of meringues.

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  1. 24%
    Butane Can Lighter Fuel Refill For 770T/B770T 125G
    Butane Can For 770T/B770T 125G SKU: BTC4
    Special Price £3.77 £3.14 Regular Price £4.94
  2. 27%
    Butane Can Lighter Fuel Refill (For BTH) 220G / 8oz
    Butane Can (For BTH) 220G / 8oz SKU: BTC8
    Special Price £4.31 £3.59 Regular Price £5.94
  3. Blow Torch Head Quick Fit
    Blow Torch Head Quick Fit SKU: BS3311
    £9.54 £7.95
  4. Economy Refillable Blow Torch
    Genware Economy Refillable Chefs Blow Torch SKU: BS3328
    £15.60 £13.00
  5. Genware Professional Blow Torch Head
    Genware Professional Chefs Blow Torch Head SKU: BTH1
    £23.82 £19.85
  6. Chefs Blow Torch With Safety Lock 140mm Tall
    Genware Chefs Blow Torch SKU: 770T
    £25.98 £21.65
  7. Blow Torch Flametastic Pro
    Genware Chefs Blow Torch Flametastic Pro SKU: BS1287
    £34.43 £28.69
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