Pizza & Pasta

Professional Pizza Utensils and Pasta Machines

As specialist suppliers to the catering trade, we can supply a wide range of specialist equipment for specific tasks within the commercial kitchen environment.

Bake the finest pizzas in town with our selection of premium pizza utensils. We have everything that you need to bake, slice and deliver the perfect pizza, from long handled peels to pizza cutters and knives to insulated pizza delivery bags.

We also have a hand picked selection of robust and durable pasta machines with a variety of cutters designed to create great, fresh pasta every single time.

Pizza Cutters

Effortlessly cut your pizzas into delicious slices for attractive presentation and easier consumption with our selection of pizza cutters.

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Pizza Pans

Our selection of pizza pans or pizza trays are ideal for ensuring that perfectly even cooking results, especially with deep dish pizzas.

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Pizza Screens

Avoid getting a soggy pizza base with our range of mesh and perforated pizza screens, the ideal way to achieve an evenly baked crust.

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Pizza Dockers

Our selection of pizza dockers are the ideal way to keep your pizza dough or pie crusts from rising when you don't want it to, by simple perforating the dough with these dockers.

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Pizza Peels

These pizza peels feature long handles allowing you great reach within the oven without having to put your hand inside the oven, available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials.

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Pizza Accessories

Everything that you might need to deliver a smooth, first class pizza service to your customers from pizza delivery bags and storage racks to brushes to clean your pizza oven.

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Dough Boxes

Our range of Dough Boxes offer the perfect place to store pizza dough, and allow your dough to 'proof' ensuring that your pizza has the fullest flavour when it hits the plate.

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Pasta Machines

Produce consistent pasta shapes quickly and easily with our hand-picked selection of versatile and professional pasta machines.

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