Pasta Machines

Produce consistent pasta shapes quickly and easily with our hand-picked selection of versatile and professional pasta machines. Simply find the right attachment and slide it into place, allowing you to produce your choice of pasta, spaghetti or ravioli.

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  1. Imperia Italian Ravioli Tray Thirty-Six Hole and Rolling Pin
    Ravioli Tray and Rolling Pin SKU: A116
    £17.58 £14.65
  2. Imperia Italian Pasta Wood Drying Stand 33 x 30cm
    Pasta Drying Stand SKU: A115
    £22.98 £19.15
  3. Imperia Italian Spaghetti Making Attachment for SP150
    Spaghetti Making Attachment (for SP150) SKU: A109
    £26.28 £21.90
  4. Imperia Italian Ravioli Making Attachment for SP150
    Ravioli Making Attachment (for SP150) SKU: A114
    £48.30 £40.25
  5. Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine
    Double Cutter Pasta Machine SKU: SP150
    £61.50 £51.25
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