Pizza Peels

The perfect way to protect yourself from burns when putting your pizza, bread or pastries into or removing them from the oven. These pizza peels feature long handles allowing you great reach within the oven without having to put your hand inside the oven. Available in many different sizes and shapes and made from a selection of materials, we have something to suit your style and the depth of your pizza oven.

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  1. Pizza Peel Aluminium Handle 9 x 11" (Blade 26")
    Pizza Peel Aluminium 26 Inch SKU: PPA-926
    £11.46 £9.55
  2. Pizza Peel Wood Handle 10 x 11" (Blade 39")
    Pizza Peel Aluminium Wood Handle 39 Inch SKU: PP-1039
    £13.44 £11.20
  3. Pizza Peel Wood/Aluminium 26 inch
    Pizza Peel Aluminium Wood Handle 26 Inch SKU: PPA-2612
    £18.00 £15.00
  4. Pizza Peel Wood/Aluminium 36 inch
    Pizza Peel Aluminium Wood Handle 36 Inch SKU: PPA-3512
    £20.40 £17.00
  5. Pizza Peel Wood Handle 12 x 14" (Blade 52")
    Pizza Peel Aluminium Wood Handle 52 Inch SKU: PP-1252
    £21.60 £18.00
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