Pujadas Cubic Buffet Concept

Pujadas Cubic Buffet Concept

The Cubic Buffet Concept range from Pujadas is an award-winning buffet display concept from Spain’s leading catering equipment brands. It combines stylish modules that can be linked together to create striking displays. Cubic buffet concept completely won over the delegates at CESA’s Light Equipment and Tableware Forum this year, bagging the 2017 Best Product Award.

When it comes to food displays and buffets, caterers are looking for eye-catching equipment that makes the most of the space available and is flexible enough to adapt to changes in menu, settings and demand. Pujadas Cubic Buffet Concept can be built up and changed easily. The range includes stackable cubes that operators can arrange in multiple combinations, plus supporting shelves, in a range of lengths, depths, and presentation kits to cater for a range of buffet purposes.

Select from cubic style risers and combine to create interesting landscapes for your buffets.

Cubic Buffet Concept for Cakes

Combine risers with a range of shelves, crossbars and serving trays to display your food produce

Cubic Buffet Concept for Drinks

Add essential buffet equipment such as drink displays and bottle coolers to suit your requirements.

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  1. Pujadas Isothermal Temperature Mat Only
    Pujadas Isothermal Temperature Mat Only SKU: 904.400
    £12.18 £10.15
  2. Pujadas Narrow Shelf 50x18cm
    Pujadas Narrow Shelf 50x18cm SKU: 904.650
    £25.08 £20.90
  3. Pujadas Narrow Shelf 80x18cm
    Pujadas Narrow Shelf 80x18cm SKU: 904.680
    £29.10 £24.25
  4. Pujadas Bucket Holder Only 1/1 GN
    Pujadas Bucket Holder Only 1/1 GN SKU: 904.151
    £37.14 £30.95
  5. Pujadas Narrow Shelf 100x18cm
    Pujadas Narrow Shelf 100x18cm SKU: 904.610
    £38.34 £31.95
  6. Wooden Bread Board on 1/1GN
    Wooden Bread Board on 1/1GN SKU: 904.146
    £40.68 £33.90
  7. Pujadas Crossbar 50x12.4cm
    Pujadas Crossbar 50x12.4cm SKU: 904.950
    £41.52 £34.60
  8. Pujadas Crossbar 80x12.4cm
    Pujadas Crossbar 80x12.4cm SKU: 904.980
    £45.66 £38.05
  9. Wide Shelf 50x35cm
    Wide Shelf 50x35cm SKU: 904.652
    £47.52 £39.60
  10. Pujadas Crossbar 100x12.4cm
    Pujadas Crossbar 100x12.4cm SKU: 904.990
    £49.56 £41.30
  11. Pujadas Cooling Plate Only
    Pujadas Cooling Plate Only SKU: 904.500
    £50.22 £41.85
  12. Wide Shelf 80x35cm
    Wide Shelf 80x35cm SKU: 904.682
    £54.54 £45.45
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