Cleaning Chemicals for Catering

As a specialist supplier of chemicals to the catering trade, we know the hygiene and food safety requirements of restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and catering establishments well. We have selected a specialist range of cleaning chemicals to support businesses with their hygiene requirements, each tried and tested in businesses across the UK. Our range of general cleaning chemicals for catering covers everything from the everyday essential sanitisers, through to specialist chemicals for cleaning commercial kitchens. 

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  1. 24%
    Alpine Thick Bleach 750ml
    Alpine Thick Bleach 750ml SKU: JPPZN
    Special Price £1.14 £0.95 Regular Price £1.50
  2. 15%
    EntirePro X902272 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 750ml
    Food Safe Sanitiser (750ml) SKU: EP006
    Special Price £1.74 £1.45 Regular Price £2.04
  3. Entire Pro EP010 Multi Purpose Cleaner 1L
    Multi Purpose Cleaner (1 Litre) SKU: EP010
    £2.10 £1.75
  4. Entire Pro EP011 Multi Purpose Cleaner With Bleach 1L
    Multi Purpose With Bleach (1 Litre) SKU: EP011
    £2.10 £1.75
  5. Entire Pro EP020 Glass & Mirror Cleaner 1L
    Glass & Mirror Cleaner (1 Litre) SKU: EP020
    £2.10 £1.75
  6. Jeyes Original Freshbin
    Jeyes Original Freshbin SKU: JPF3
    £2.34 £1.95
  7. Fusiono EP023 Furniture Polish 400ml
    Furniture Polish Aerosol (400ml) SKU: EP023
    £2.34 £1.95
  8. Entire Pro EP024 Wax Free Luxury Polish 1L
    Wax Free Luxury Polish (1 Litre) SKU: EP024
    £2.58 £2.15
  9. Refill Spray Bottle
    H1 Kontrol Trigger Bacterial Hard Surface 750ml SKU: JPH1TRK
    £2.90 £2.42
  10. Kleenoff Furniture Polish 750ml
    H8 Kontrol Furniture Polish 750ml SKU: JPH8
    £3.30 £2.75
  11. Stainless Steel Cleaner 480ml
    Stainless Steel Cleaner (480ml) SKU: JPK050
    £3.30 £2.75
  12. Defense Liquid Cleaner Sanitiser 750ml
    C1 Trigger Cleaner & Sanitiser 750ml SKU: JPC1TRS
    £3.35 £2.79
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