Drain Cleaners and Drain Maintenance for Commercial Kitchens

Up to 70% of drain blockages are caused by the build-up of fat, oils and grease. For commercial kitchens where grease is a product of the job, commercial drain cleaners and grease management systems becomes a necessary and legal requirement. Blockages in sewers that can be attributed back to a business could result in a hefty fine, particularly if adequate measures to break down waste entering the sewer are not in place. As a specialist supplier of commercial drain cleaners and drain maintenance chemicals for commercial kitchens and the catering trade, we work with businesses of all size to ensure they meet their obligations to maintain adequate drainage and prevent fines being imposed. Select from our range of specialist drain maintenance chemicals, from traditional drain un-blockers to specialist bio-enzyme dosing equipment or speak to one of our expert consultants for further advice and guidance on your requirements. 

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    Drain Cleaner 1 Ltr
    Jeyes Drain Unblocker (1 Litre) SKU: JPJF5
    Special Price £4.66 £3.88 Regular Price £5.94
  2. 30%
    EntirePro EP012 Drain Unblocker 1L
    Drain Unblocker Professional Heavy Duty (1 Litre) SKU: EP012
    Special Price £8.34 £6.95 Regular Price £11.92
  3. Fluid Path and Patio Cleaner 4Ltr
    Jeyes Path Cleaner (4 Litre) SKU: JPJF6
    £10.74 £8.95
  4. Bio Trap (5 Litre)
    Bio Trap (5 Litre) SKU: JPC153
    £30.00 £25.00
  5. DM1 Bio Enzyme Drain Maintainer (10 Litre)
    DM1 Bio Enzyme Drain Maintainer (10 Litre) SKU: JPDM1
    £114.00 £95.00
  6. Grease Pack Fluid (3 Month Supply)
    Grease Pack Fluid (3 Month Supply) SKU: MECHF
    £178.80 £149.00
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