Polish for Stainless Steel and Furniture

Our range of polishes have been specifically selected to meet the polishing requirements of the catering and hospitality trade. Available in a range of different formats to suit your needs, including traditional aerosol furniture polishes, wax free luxury polishes and even specialist anti-bacterial polishes that are designed for polishing and cleaning wood table tops and food service areas simultaneously. Why not also try Peek Polish, the industry leading multi-purpose polish that is ideal for cleaning stainless steel in commercial kitchens. 

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  1. Fusiono EP023 Furniture Polish 400ml
    Furniture Polish Aerosol (400ml) SKU: EP023
    £2.34 £1.95
  2. Entire Pro EP024 Wax Free Luxury Polish 1L
    Wax Free Luxury Polish (1 Litre) SKU: EP024
    £2.58 £2.15
  3. Kleenoff Furniture Polish 750ml
    H8 Kontrol Furniture Polish 750ml SKU: JPH8
    £3.30 £2.75
  4. Peek Polish - 100gram Tube
    Peek Polish Tube 100g Tube SKU: PK33200
    £3.82 £3.18
  5. Stainless Steel Polish 750ml Trigger
    C7 Stainless Steel Polish 750ml SKU: JPC7
    £4.74 £3.95
  6. Peek Polish - 1000gram
    Peek Polish 1000ml Tin SKU: PK33300
    £17.30 £14.42
  7. Sammic Drying Polishing Product (3kg)
    Sammic Drying Polishing Product (3kg) SKU: 2379014
    £29.40 £24.50
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