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We are a specialist wholesaler of cleaning equipment for the catering and hospitality trade, with years of experience in helping businesses to maintain clean and hygienic food preparation areas and meet food safety standards. Our range of cleaning equipment for catering is available in colour coding to help with waste and area separation, making it ideal for use in in commercial kitchens and bar areas. 

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  1. Economy Nail Brush
    Economy Nail Brush SKU: HB23
    £0.94 £0.78
  2. Vicuna RMRPY16 PY Kentucky Mop 450g x1
    Kentucky Mop Head 450g SKU: RMRPY16
    £1.61 £1.34
  3. Socket Mop Head 263g
    Socket Mop Head 263g SKU: RMPXSJ16
    £1.66 £1.38
  4. Dustpan & Brush Set
    Dustpan & Brush Set SKU: RM8599
    £1.99 £1.66
  5. VMIX Empty Trigger Bottles (750ml)
    VMIX Empty Trigger Bottles (750ml) SKU: JPVTR

    Starting at £2.10 £1.75

  6. Bathroom Standard Toilet Brush and Holder Set - White
    Toilet Brush & Holder Standard (White) SKU: 10590
    £2.34 £1.95
  7. Empty Trigger Spray (750ml)
    Empty Trigger Spray (750ml) SKU: JPP100
    £2.34 £1.95
  8. Mini Refillable Trigger Spray Bottle
    Empty Trigger Bottle (600ml) SKU: JPTRREFIL
    £2.34 £1.95
  9. Jeyes Concentrate Empty Trigger Bottles (750ml)
    Jeyes Concentrate Empty Trigger Bottles (750ml) SKU: JPTR

    Starting at £2.34 £1.95

  10. Kentucky Mop Holder
    Kentucky Mop Holder SKU: RMKHP
    £2.40 £2.00
  11. Buzz RM754 12L General Purpose Bucket - Black
    Bucket General Purpose (12 Litre) SKU: RM754
    £2.70 £2.25
  12. Heavy Duty 120cm Steel Broom Handle - Black
    Broom Handle Steel Heavy Duty 120cm SKU: 20330
    £2.70 £2.25
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