Cleaning Supplies for Catering

We are a cleaning supplier for catering, supplying restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels with essential cleaning equipment for maintaining hygienic front of house and commercial kitchen areas. Our range of cleaning supplies includes colour coded equipment, ideal for meeting health and safety obligations in catering and food preparation. With all the everyday essentials, including paper disposables, toilet roll and blue roll through to specialist cleaning wipes for catering we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for every caterer’s cleaning requirements. 

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  1. Burn Gel Sachet
    Burns Gel Sachet 3.5G SKU: 391
    £0.60 £0.50
  2. General Purpose Sponge
    General Purpose Sponge SKU: RM808
    £0.70 £0.58
  3. Gauze Swabs 5cm 8 Ply x 100
    Gauze Swabs 5cm 8 Ply x 100 SKU: 49895
    £1.14 £0.95
    (£0.01 per unit)
  4. Catering Scouring Pad x10
    Catering Scouring Pad x10 SKU: RM826
    As low as £2.04 £1.70
    (£0.20 per unit)
  5. Skull Cap - One Size
    Skull Cap - One Size SKU: 103D
    As low as £2.52 £2.10
  6. Cleaning and Maintenance Glove
    Cleaning and Maintenance Glove SKU: SPF954
    £2.58 £2.15
  7. Buzz HD-GPA Grill Pad Applicator
    Grill Pad Applicator SKU: HD-GPA
    £2.58 £2.15
  8. White Stockinette Cleaning Cloth 30x30cm x10
    White Stockinette Cleaning Cloth 30x30cm x10 SKU: RM423
    £2.59 £2.16
    (£0.22 per unit)
  9. Oven Glove
    Oven Glove SKU: SPE942
    £2.70 £2.25
  10. Standard Yellow Duster 50x40cm  x10
    Standard Yellow Duster 50x40cm x10 SKU: RM700
    £2.74 £2.28
    (£0.23 per unit)
  11. Cotton Neckerchiefs
    Cotton Neckerchiefs SKU: 103C
    As low as £2.88 £2.40
  12. Buzz RM827 Sponge Scourer Pads
    Sponge Scourer (Yellow) x 10 SKU: RM827
    £3.06 £2.55
    (£0.26 per unit)
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