Catering First Aid Kits

A critical health and safety obligation for any business is the provision of first aid kits for their staff and customers. This requirement is particularly important for catering and hospitality establishments, which are categorised as a high-risk industry, given the potential exposure of staff working with dangerous appliances, equipment and hot liquids alongside the potential for high footfall in customer areas.

As a specialist supplier of janitorial and hygiene equipment to the catering and hospitality industry, we stock a wide range of catering first aid kits that are approved for use in commercial kitchens and premises by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and BSI (British Standards Institution). By selecting one of our approved catering first aid kits that are tailored to industry requirements, you can ensure compliance with health and safety obligations. 

Catering First Aid Kits

Catering first aid kits for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas featuring all blue plasters, dressings and wipes.

Workplace First Aid Kits

Workplace first aid kits for general purpose use. BSI and HSE approved. Great for use in offices and communal areas.

Specialist Kits

Specialist first aid kits designed for common catering kitchen applications including burns kits, eyewash kits and chemical spillage kits.

First Aid Refill Kits

Cost-effective first aid refill kits for BSI and HSE approved first aid kits.


Wide range of plasters for applications in catering and the workplace.

Fire Safety

Essential fire extinguishers and blankets for use in commercial kitchens.

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  1. Burn Gel Sachet
    Burns Gel Sachet 3.5G SKU: 391
    £0.60 £0.50
  2. Gauze Swabs 5cm 8 Ply x 100
    Gauze Swabs 5cm 8 Ply x 100 SKU: 49895
    £1.14 £0.95
    (£0.01 per unit)
  3. Resuscitation Shield In Keyring Pouch
    Resuscitation Shield In Keyring Pouch SKU: 16802
    £3.48 £2.90
  4. Burn Gel Bottle 50ml
    Burns Gel Bottle 50ml SKU: 2399
    £4.14 £3.45
  5. Ice / Supercool Freeze Spray 150ml
    Ice Spray 150ml SKU: 720
    £4.86 £4.05
  6. AeroBurn Burn Spray 50ml
    AeroBurn Burn Spray 50ml SKU: SPCG584
    £6.18 £5.15
  7. Blue Detectable Plasters 7 x 2.5cm x100
    Blue Detectable Plasters x 100 SKU: FAPL
    £6.90 £5.75
    (£0.06 per unit)
  8. Self Adhesive Plaster Tape
    Easi Plaster Tape 6cm x 5m SKU: 2690
    £7.02 £5.85
  9. Blue Plasters 5 Mixed Types x 100
    Blue Plasters 5 Mixed Types x 100 SKU: FAPMIXL
    £7.14 £5.95
    (£0.06 per unit)
  10. Microporous Tape 2.5cmx10m x 12
    Microporous Tape 2.5cmx10m x 12 SKU: 27137
    £9.34 £7.78
    (£0.65 per unit)
  11. Blue Plaster Refill
    Blue Plaster Refill SKU: 80039A
    £10.80 £9.00
  12. Accident Book
    Accident Book SKU: FA036
    £11.70 £9.75
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