Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter - 6x 2/3GN Electric (3 Phase)

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Size (mm) Size (mm): 567H 655W 555D
RangesRanges: Self-Cooking Centre
Commercial OvensCommercial Ovens: Combination Oven
PowerPower: 3 Phase (Hard Wired)
Power Consumption (Kw)Power Consumption (Kw): 5.7Kw
Standard WarrantyStandard Warranty: 2 Year Parts, 2 Year Labour
  • Capacity: 6 x 2/3 GN
  • Meals Per Day: 20-80
  • Temperature Range (Steam): 30 °C - 130 °C
  • Temperature Range (Dry Heat & Combination): 30 °C - 300 °C
  • Water Inlet: R ¾
  • iCookingControl provides simplicity through cooking intelligence
  • HiDensityControl provides precision for top-quality cooking
  • iLevelControl allows you to prepare different foods at the same time
  • EfficientCareControl provides automatic cleaning and descaling
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Rational SCCXS
SCCXS - Rational SCCXS Self Cooking Center (6 x 2/3GN) 3 Phase   £4,554.00 £3,795.00

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Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter - 6x 2/3GN Electric (3 Phase)
Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter - 6x 2/3GN Electric (3 Phase)

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£4,608.00 £3,840.00


    Rational SelfCookingCentre SCCXS

    The Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter is an intelligent combination oven with [6 x 2/3 GN Gastronorm] Capacity. This reliable combination oven is your professional kitchen assistant, allowing you to grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food for up to 20-80  guests all in a single unit.

    This intelligent and easy-to-use combination oven reduces workload, delivering food at the quality you specify whilst saving time, money and energy. The Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter provides four intelligent functions to take all the monitoring and checking work of your chef’s hands.

    Four Intelligent Cooking Functions


    1. Cooking Intelligence: Rational iCookingControl software allows you to simply select your product from the control panel and pick your desired results. The Rational SCCXS will prepare food automatically, detecting status, size and load quantity.


    1. Top Quality Results: Rational HiDensityControl sensors monitor the cooking conditions every second, adapting the SelfCookingCenter energy usage precisely to requirements and evenly distributing heat throughout the cooking cabinet.


    1. Intelligent Mixed Loading: Rational iLevelControl allows you to prepare different foods simultaneously, increasing productivity and saving time, money, space and energy.


    1. Automatic Cleaning: Rational Efficient CareControl automatically detects dirt and limescale and removes them at the touch of the button. Fully adaptable it recommends the ideal cleaning regime for your usage scenarios.

    Equipped with 5 Senses

    The Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCentre is the first and only combination steamer oven with real intelligence. Chefs no longer need to set temperatures, moisture levels or air circulation thanks to automatic cooking with 5 senses

    1. Senses the ideal cooking cabinet conditions
    2. Detects food size and quantities
    3. Thinks ahead to know how to prepare the prefect dish
    4. Learns the chefs preferred habits and cooking methods
    5. Communicates back to the chef with intelligent controls


    The Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter can take care of 95% of all common cooking

    By combining heat and steam into a single appliance, the Rational SCCXS opens a wealth of new options for professional food preparation. Overlook the automatic programmes and adjust every parameter yourself, right down to the exact degree.

    • Steam Oven between 30c and 130c
      Ideal for steaming, stewing, poaching, blanching the Rational SCCXS  features a high-performance steam generator with precise temperature control and maximum steam saturation to deliver vibrant colours and flavours.
    • Convection Oven between 30 and 300c
      Dry heat that is ideal for meats, baked goods and quick production, the Rational SCCXS SelfCookingCenter can deliver continuous convection heat up to 300c with complete uniformity and even distribution.

    • Combination Oven
      Combine the modes to prevent food from drying, minimise loss and ensure even browning, delivering outstanding culinary experiences for customers in minimal time. 


    More Information
    Delivery TimeDelivery Time:7-14 Days
    Depth (mm)Depth (mm):555
    Height (mm)Height (mm):567
    Width (mm)Width (mm):655
    Model NumberModel Number:SCCXS
    Power Consumption (Kw)Power Consumption (Kw):5.7Kw
    AmpsAmps:L1= 10A L2= 10A L3= 10A
    RangesRanges:Self-Cooking Centre
    PowerPower:3 Phase (Hard Wired)
    Commercial OvensCommercial Ovens:Combination Oven
    Standard WarrantyStandard Warranty:2 Year Parts, 2 Year Labour


    Rational Combination Ovens

    Rational are the market leading manufacturer of combination ovens, synonymous in the catering and hospitality trade for producing award winning and well-equipped Rational Self Cooking Center (SCC) and Rational CombiMaster Plus (CMP) combination ovens.

    Rational Combi Steamer Ovens provide their users with a wonderful way to cook with moist heat, dry heat, or a combination of the two, creating mouth-watering roasts, poultry, sea foods, side dishes, potatoes, egg dishes, desserts and much more. Packed full of technical innovations, their combination ovens are prefect for banqueting in small or large catering establishments

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