Utopia Centra Bubble Base Glasses

Centra is a straight sided comprehensive tumbler range complete with a distinctive heavy base a bubble feature. Ideal for everyday use and stylish alternative to classic highballs.

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  1. Centra Cocktail Glasses 220ml/7.75oz (Pack of 24)
    Centra Cocktail Glasses 220ml/7.75oz (Pack of 24) P42585
    £1.13 per unit
    Out of stock
  2. Utopia Centra Bubble Base Double Old Fashioned Glass 11.5oz (33cl)
    Centra Double Old Fashioned Glasses 330ml/11.5oz (Pack of 24) P42565
    £1.90 per unit
  3. Centra Highball 290ml/10oz (Pack of 6)
    Centra Highball Glasses 290ml/10oz (Pack of 6) P42795
    £1.57 per unit
  4. Centra Highball 365ml/13oz (Pack of 6)
    Centra Highball Glasses 365ml/13oz (Pack of 6) P42885
    £1.73 per unit
  5. Utopia Centra Bubble Base Old Fashioned Glass 6.6oz (19cl)
    Centra Old Fashioned Glasses 190ml/6.6oz (Pack of 6) P42535
    £1.33 per unit
  6. Centra Old Fashioned Glass 230ml/8oz (Pack of 6)
    Centra Old Fashioned Glasses 230ml/8oz (Pack of 6) DE114
    £1.56 per unit
  7. Centra Shot Glass 60ml/2oz (Pack of 24)
    Centra Shot Glasses 60ml/2oz (Pack of 24) P42464
    £1.00 per unit
  8. Utopia Centra Bubble Base Shot Glass 3.3oz (9.5cl)
    Centra Shot Glasses 95ml/3.3oz (Pack of 6) P42474
    £1.17 per unit
  9. Utopia Centra Bubble Base Tall Hiball Glass 10oz (29cl)
    Centra Tall Highball Glasses 290ml/10oz (Pack of 6) P42815
    £1.62 per unit
  10. Centra Tall Highball 30ml/10.5oz (Pack of 6)
    Centra Tall Highball Glasses 300ml/10.5oz (Pack of 6) P42825
    £1.68 per unit
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