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Japenese Sushi Tableware

Our Japanese pocelain plates & platters are suitable for everyday use as well as being ideal for specialist Japanese cuisine - including sushi!  Japanese bowls are suitable for home and restaurant use and are ideal for rice, noodles, soups and all kinds of Japanese meals.

Our range of Japenese Sushi Tableware is made high quality commercial grade porcelain, great for use catering and restaurant service. Utilising this specialist range of oriental crockery will give an authentic feel to your dishes, ideal for serving Chinese, Thai and Japanese food. Inspired by Fuji, Tokyo and Isumi this oriental range features a collection of bowls, dishes and platters made from strengthened terracotta. This unique texture and finish offer a raw, natural and almost volcanic nature to its appearance. All oriental tableware is available at low wholesale prices.

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  1. Fuji Dappled Japanese Dinner Plate 10" (25cm) Pack of 6
    Fuji Dappled Japanese Dinner Plate 10" (25cm) Pack of 6 CT4008
    £14.44 per unit
  2. Fuji Dappled Plate 12" (30cm)
    Fuji Dappled Japanese Dinner Plate 12" (30cm) pack of 6 CT4097
    £18.35 per unit
  3. Utopia CT4001 Fuji Dappled Plate 8" (20cm) x6
    Fuji Dappled Japanese Dinner Plate 8" (20cm) Pack of 6 CT4001
    £13.90 per unit
  4. Fuji Dappled Bowl 6.75" (17cm)
    Fuji Dappled Japanese Miso Soup Bowl 6.75" (17cm) Pack of 6 CT4099
    £10.99 per unit
  5. Utopia CT4009 Fuji Plate 12" (30cm)
    Fuji Japanese Dinner Plate 12" (30cm) Pack of 6 CT4009
    £22.16 per unit
  6. Utopia CT4002 Fuji Low Dish 4" (10cm) x6
    Fuji Japanese Low Dish 4" (10cm) Pack of 6 CT4002
    £10.72 per unit
  7. Utopia CT4003 Fuji Low Dish 6" (15cm) x6
    Fuji Japanese Low Dish 6" (15cm) Pack of 6 CT4003
    £14.17 per unit
  8. Utopia CT4004 Fuji Low Dish 7" (18cm) x6
    Fuji Japanese Low Dish 7" (18cm) Pack of 6 CT4004
    £13.90 per unit
  9. Utopia CT4005 Fuji Bowl 9" (22.5cm) 32oz (91cl) x6
    Fuji Japanese Ramen Noodle Bowl 9" (22.5cm) 32oz (91cl) Pack of 6 CT4005
    £18.16 per unit
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