Ramekins & Dip Pots for Restaurants

Ramekins and dip pots are an essential part of any creative tableware collection. These individual sizes dishes range from between three and four inches and can be used for a mix of sweet and savoury dishes. Highly versatile, ramekins work great for baking soufflés or for serving dips and sides next to main dishes. Mix and match our range of ramekins to create unique dining experience in your restaurant. Browse between stainless steel ramekins, copper ramekins and wooden dip pots. Or buy our coloured ramekins to liven up your tableware collection.

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  1. Melamine Ramekin White 1.5oz (4cl) x12
    Melamine Ramekin White 1.5oz (4cl) x12 SKU: JMP207
    £6.24 £5.20
    (£0.43 per unit)
  2. Royal Genware RGDRN208 Glass Ramekin 6.8cm 6.5cl/2.25oz
    Glass Ramekin 6.8cm 6.5cl/2.25oz x6 SKU: RGDRN208
    £3.66 £3.05
    (£0.51 per unit)
  3. Utopia M15007 Tapas Ramekin 3"(7.5cm) 3.5oz (10cl) x24
    Estrella Tapas Ramekin 3" (7.5cm) 3.5oz (10cl) x24 SKU: M15007
    £29.64 £24.70
    (£1.03 per unit)
  4. Utopia M15006 Tapas Ramekin 3.5" (9cm) 7.5oz (21cl) x24
    Estrella Tapas Ramekin 3.5" (9cm) 7.5oz (21cl) x24 SKU: M15006
    £30.48 £25.40
    (£1.06 per unit)
  5. Royal Genware Stoneware SPF13-BL Round Eared Dish 13cm
    Royal Genware Stoneware Ramekin 9.5cm Black x12 SKU: SPS9-BL
    £13.08 £10.90
    (£0.91 per unit)
  6. Royal Genware SPS8-BL Black Stoneware Ramekin 8cm x12
    Royal Genware Stoneware Ramekin 8cm Black x12 SKU: SPS8-BL
    £11.76 £9.80
    (£0.82 per unit)
  7. Buzz SPS6-BL 6.5cm Black Stoneware Ramekin
    Royal Genware Stoneware Ramekin 6.5cm Black x12 SKU: SPS6-BL
    £10.80 £9.00
    (£0.75 per unit)
  8. Bamboo Ramekin Plain (1.5oz)
    Bamboo Ramekin Plain (1.5oz) SKU: MZ20008
    As low as £0.36 £0.30
  9. Bamboo Ramekin Fluted (1.5oz)
    Bamboo Ramekin Fluted (1.5oz) SKU: MZ20005
    As low as £0.36 £0.30
  10. Bamboo Ramekin Fluted (1oz)
    Bamboo Ramekin Fluted (1oz) SKU: MZ20002
    As low as £0.36 £0.30
  11. Ramekin Stainless Steel (1.5oz)
    Ramekin Stainless Steel (1.5oz) SKU: RAMST115
    As low as £0.42 £0.35
  12. Sauce Cup Stainless Steel (2.5oz)
    Sauce Cup Stainless Steel (2.5oz) SKU: 5067
    £0.49 £0.41
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