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Cutlery Accessories

Browse our selection of specialist commercial catering cutlery, from tasting spoons to tapas cutlery to professional seafood cutlery.

Our collection of tasting spoons and tapas forks offer an impressive way to present an amuse-bouche or pre-starter, or a between course palette cleanser.

All of our seafood cutlery, which includes everything from oyster knives, to lobster crackers to fish bone tweezers, are all designed for professional catering use from high quality stainless steel.

We have carefully selected each and every range of cutlery for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other catering establishments.

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  1. Anton Black Tasting Spoon 5.5" (14cm) x6
    Anton Black Tasting Spoon 5.5" (14cm) x6 SKU: Z06016
    £7.84 £6.53
    (£1.09 per unit)
  2. Utopia F31020 Appertize Tapas Fork x12
    Appetize Tapas Fork x12 SKU: F31020
    £22.01 £18.34
    (£1.53 per unit)
  3. Appetize Tapas Spoon x12
    Appetize Tapas Spoon x12 SKU: F31019
    £40.16 £33.47
    (£2.79 per unit)
  4. Utopia F10660 Fjord Tapas Spoon x12
    Fjord Tapas Spoon x12 SKU: F10660
    £18.29 £15.24
    (£1.27 per unit)
  5. Lemon Slice Squeezer Stainless Steel
    Lemon Slice Squeezer Stainless Steel SKU: 201M
    £1.06 £0.88
  6. Lobster Cracker- Round Handle
    Lobster Cracker- Round Handle SKU: 513
    £2.28 £1.90
  7. Long Sundae Spoon x12
    Long Sundae Spoon x12 SKU: 9180
    £11.76 £9.80
    (£0.82 per unit)
  8. Olympia Lobster Pick
    Olympia Lobster Pick SKU: SPD613
    £2.40 £2.00
  9. Orly Tapas Spoon x12
    Orly Tapas Spoon x12 SKU: F10661
    £28.60 £23.83
    (£1.99 per unit)
  10. Utopia F10655 Salsa Butter Knife x 12
    Salsa Butter Knife x12 SKU: F10655
    £16.75 £13.96
    (£1.16 per unit)
  11. Seafood Picks x 12
    Seafood Pick Stainless Steel (Pack of 12) SKU: A708
    £7.72 £6.43
    (£0.54 per unit)
  12. Tablecraft 522 Shellfish Forks- 4-Pack- Chrome Plated Metal
    Shellfish Forks Chrome (Pack of 4) SKU: 522
    £2.16 £1.80
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