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NEW! Sola Restaurant Cutlery

Make a fresh visual statement with our new range of embossed catering cutlery. Finished in a contemporary design that adds style and innovation to any table setting.

From £14.50

As a specialist supplier to the catering and hospitality trade, we stock a wide range of restaurant cutlery that is designed for use in restaurants, hotels and cafes. Our range includes knives and forks in traditional parish designs, alongside contemporary, innovative and trendy patterns.

As a wholesale restaurant cutlery supplier, all items are packed in a minimum of 12 pieces.

Available at the UK’s lowest wholesale prices, our restaurant cutlery spans a wide range of cutlery patterns to suit all business types, from fine dining to economy stainless steel cutlery. Shop leading catering cutlery brands at low wholesale prices, including Elia, Genware, Utopia and Villeroy & Boch. Buy restaurant cutlery in a range of stainless-steel grades, from economy 14/4 stainless steel ideal for canteens, through to high end 18/10 stainless steel restaurant cutlery.

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  1. Autography Cutlery
    Autography Cutlery SKU: AUTO

    Starting at £4.06 £3.38

  2. Bead Parish Cutlery
    Bead Parish Cutlery SKU: BEAD

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  3. Chopstick Cutlery
    Chopstick Cutlery SKU: CHOPSTICK

    Starting at £19.20 £16.00

  4. Denver Cutlery
    Denver Cutlery SKU: DENVER

    Starting at £6.32 £5.27

  5. Drop Cutlery
    Drop Cutlery SKU: DROP

    Starting at £3.96 £3.30

  6. Dubarry Parish Cutlery
    Dubarry Parish Cutlery SKU: DUBARRY

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  7. Utopia Tableware Economy Cutlery
    Economy Restaurant Cutlery SKU: ECONOMY

    Starting at £0.98 £0.82

  8. Elegance Cutlery
    Elegance Cutlery SKU: ELEGANCE

    Starting at £12.22 £10.18

  9. Cosmo Cutlery
    Elia Cosmo Cutlery SKU: COSMO

    Starting at £16.88 £14.07

  10. Endurance Cutlery
    Elia Endurance Cutlery SKU: ENDURANCE

    Starting at £11.34 £9.45

  11. Fedora Cutlery
    Elia Fedora Cutlery SKU: FEDORA

    Starting at £12.10 £10.08

  12. Glacier Cutlery
    Elia Glacier Cutlery SKU: GLACIER

    Starting at £17.77 £14.81

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