Seafood Cutlery & Seafood Utensils for Restaurants

As a specialist supplier to the restaurant and hospitality trade, we stock a wide range of professional seafood cutlery and utensils designed for professional seafood restaurants. From seafood utensils for chefs and restaurant staff through to seafood cutlery for restaurant table service, all our seafood cutlery is high quality stainless steel, ideal for professional use in the catering trade. Shop our extensive seafood cutlery collection and buy lobster crackers, fish bone tweezers and lobster forks. 

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  1. Buzz Y-7518 Corn Pick Stainless Steel
    Corn Pick Stainless Steel SKU: Y-7518
    £0.48 £0.40
  2. Buzz LBST Stainless Steel Lobster Fork
    Lobster Fork Stainless Steel SKU: LBST
    £1.20 £1.00
  3. Lemon Slice Squeezer Stainless Steel
    Lemon Slice Squeezer Stainless Steel SKU: 201M
    £1.26 £1.05
  4. Stainless Steel Fish Bone Remover
    Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Fish Bone Remover SKU: KCFISH
    £2.40 £2.00
  5. NEW
    Tablecraft 522 Shellfish Forks- 4-Pack- Chrome Plated Metal
    Shellfish Forks Chrome (Pack of 4) SKU: 522
    £2.54 £2.12
  6. Lobster Cracker- Round Handle
    Lobster Cracker- Round Handle SKU: 513
    £2.64 £2.20
  7. Aluminium Seafood Cracker
    Aluminium Seafood Cracker SKU: A707
    £2.82 £2.35
  8. Fish Scaler
    Kitchen Craft Fish Scaler SKU: KCFSCALE
    £3.06 £2.55
  9. NEW
    Snail Tongs Stainless Steel
    Snail Tongs SKU: 6435
    £3.18 £2.65
  10. Seafood Picks x 12
    Seafood Pick Stainless Steel (Pack 12) SKU: A708
    £7.02 £5.85
  11. Lobster Crack- Chrome Plated Zinc Metal
    Lobster Crack- Chrome Plated Zinc Metal SKU: 511
    £8.56 £7.13
  12. NEW
    Snail Fork Stainless Steel x 12
    Snail Fork Stainless Steel (Pack of 12) SKU: NF310
    £8.64 £7.20
    (£0.60 per unit)
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