Stainless Steel Cutlery

Add the finishing touch to your table service with our comprehensive range of high quality stainless steel catering cutlery. Featuring both contemporary and traditional cutlery collections, we have catering cutlery to suit all restaurants from fine dining to economy service.

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  1. Economy Restaurant Cutlery
    Economy Restaurant Cutlery SKU: ECONOMY

    Starting at £0.98 £0.82

  2. Genware Millennium Cutlery
    Genware Millennium Cutlery SKU: MILLENNIUM

    Starting at £1.12 £0.93

  3. Bead Parish Cutlery
    Bead Parish Cutlery SKU: BEAD

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  4. Dubarry Parish Cutlery
    Dubarry Parish Cutlery SKU: DUBARRY

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  5. Harley Parish Cutlery
    Harley Parish Cutlery SKU: HARLEY

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  6. Jesmond Parish Cutlery
    Jesmond Parish Cutlery SKU: JESMOND

    Starting at £2.70 £2.25

  7. Kings Parish Cutlery
    Kings Parish Cutlery SKU: KINGS

    Starting at £3.11 £2.59

  8. Oxford Cutlery
    Oxford Cutlery SKU: OXFORD

    Starting at £3.66 £3.05

  9. Milan Cutlery
    Milan Cutlery SKU: MILAN

    Starting at £3.80 £3.17

  10. Drop Cutlery
    Drop Cutlery SKU: DROP

    Starting at £3.96 £3.30

  11. Autography Cutlery
    Autography Cutlery SKU: AUTO

    Starting at £4.06 £3.38

  12. Windsor Cutlery
    Windsor Cutlery SKU: WINDSOR

    Starting at £4.06 £3.38

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