Steak Knives for Restaurants & Steak Houses

NEW! Tramontina Restaurant Steak Knives

We’ve paired with prestigious Brazilian steak knife manufacturer Tramontina to bring a comprehensive range of professional steak knives to enhance your dining experience.

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Our range of steak knives has been selected to meet the requirements of restaurants and steak houses. As a specialist wholesale supplier of catering cutlery, we have chosen a selection of restaurant steak knives from leading manufacturers including Tramontina Steak Knives, Utopia Tableware and Genware.

Our extensive collection includes excellent value steak knives with both wooden or polywood handles that are well suited for casual dining restaurants. Or for fine-dining experiences and specialist steak houses, check out or deluxe range of restaurant steak knives, including Porterhouse and Laguiole handled designs.

With minimum order quantities on restaurant steak knives starting at just 12 units, all customers can take advantage of our guaranteed low wholesale prices.

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  1. Anton Black Cleaver x12
    Anton Black Cleaver x12 SKU: F91195
    £79.80 £66.50
    (£5.54 per unit)
  2. Autograph Steak Knife x12
    Autograph Steak Knife x12 SKU: A3613
    £13.10 £10.92
    (£0.91 per unit)
  3. Utopia F10643 Black Handled Steak Knife x12
    Black Handled Steak Knife x12 SKU: F10643
    £10.50 £8.75
    (£0.73 per unit)
  4. Churchill Bamboo Steak Knife x12
    Churchill Bamboo Steak Knife x12 SKU: BASTKN1
    £39.50 £32.92
    (£2.74 per unit)
  5. Churchill Cooper Steak Knife x12
    Churchill Cooper Steak Knife x12 SKU: COSTKN1
    £35.90 £29.92
    (£2.49 per unit)
  6. Churchill Isla Steak Knife
    Churchill Isla Steak Knife x12 SKU: ISSTKN1
    £45.47 £37.89
    (£3.16 per unit)
  7. Churchill Profile Steak Knife x12
    Churchill Profile Steak Knife x12 SKU: PRSTKN1
    £43.01 £35.84
    (£2.99 per unit)
  8. Churchill Raku Steak Knife x12
    Churchill Raku Steak Knife x12 SKU: RASTKN1
    Out of Stock
    £47.18 £39.32
  9. Churchill Tanner Steak Knife
    Churchill Tanner Steak Knife x12 SKU: TASTKN1
    £41.40 £34.50
    (£2.88 per unit)
  10. Denver Steak Knife x12
    Denver Steak Knife x12 SKU: A3811
    £17.81 £14.84
    (£1.24 per unit)
  11. Doria Steak Knife x12
    Doria Steak Knife x12 SKU: F00124
    £38.10 £31.75
    (£2.65 per unit)
  12. Elite Steak Knife x12
    Elite Steak Knife x12 SKU: A3513
    £20.14 £16.78
    (£1.40 per unit)
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