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Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses are a highly versatile re-usable plastic glass that is virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate is completely resistant to high temperatures, dropping and scratches. These qualities make our range of polycarbonate beer glasses and wine glasses the perfect option for busy bars and pubs that need to comply with licencing restrictions. Compared to traditional plastic glasses, polycarbonate glasses are completely re-usable for up to 1000 wash cycles.

Browse our extensive range of polycarbonate beer glasses and Polycarbonate Wine Glasses and take advantage of our bulk-buy trade pricing. As a specialist catering wholesaler, you can rest assured that you are receiving commercial quality plastic glassware, with CE Marked, lined and government stamped options available throughout our polycarbonate glassware range.

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Multi-buy discounts on polycarbonate beer & wine glasses.

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When you spend more than £50 on polycarbonate glassware.

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  1. Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 6oz x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 6oz (Pack of 36) BPC004
    £0.83 per unit
  2. Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 8oz x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 8oz (Pack of 36) BPC005
    £0.95 per unit
  3. Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 10oz CE Nucleated x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 10oz CE Nucleated (Pack of 36) BPC006
    £1.06 per unit
  4. Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 12oz x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 12oz (Pack of 36) BPC007
    £1.30 per unit
  5. Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 20oz CE Nucleated x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Hiball 20oz CE Nucleated (Pack of 24) BPC008
    £1.48 per unit
  6. Reusable Polycarbonate Martini 200ml x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Martini Glass 200ml (Pack of 12) BPC011
    £2.50 per unit
  7. Reusable Polycarbonate Champagne Flute 6.6oz x6
    Reusable Polycarbonate Champagne Flute 6.6oz (Pack of 12) BPC012
    £1.67 per unit
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