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  1. Our Policy on Underage Knife Sales Online

    Our Policy on Underage Knife Sales Online

    As a catering wholesaler, we offer a wide range of professional chefs knives for sale online. However, as a responsible catering distributor we also want to ensure that we are doing everything possible to ensure that chefs knives, steak knives and other potentially dangerous items only end up in the hands of professional caterers and are used for their intended purpose.

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  2. Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    GN Sizes

    Gastronorm sizes were established by the European Standards Committee to standardise container sizes in the catering industry to make the purchasing, compatibility with catering equipment and use in a kitchen simplistic and efficient. These European standard sizes are stated as GN sizes. Sizes that conform to the EU Standard EN631 are listed below, check out our proportions chart to get a visual reference of the scale between the gastronorm pans.

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  3. Reach In Blast Chillers & Blast Chilling

    Reach In Blast Chillers & Blast Chilling

    Just a few years ago blast chilling was a process that was almost entirely limited to large-scale food production plants and larger commercial kitchens found in hotels.

    However, with many new ‘entry-level’ commercial blast chillers entering the market over the last five years that are aimed at small scale production, this technology is easily accessible to smaller commercial kitchens and independent establishments.

    This article looks at how the new generation of Williams WBC Blast Chillers allows chefs and caterers to increase productivity, improve food quality and revolutionise health and safety standards.

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  4. Benefits of buying a commercial Blast Chiller

    Benefits of buying a commercial Blast Chiller

    Blast Chillers are becoming increasingly more popular amongst restaurants and bars as a means of improving food safety and longevity helping meet standards and increase profits. We have outlined the most frequently asked questions about the benefits of blast chilling and the types of blast chillers below.

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  5. A Guide To Chefs Knives

    A Guide To Chefs Knives

    Having the right chefs knife for the task at hand can make food preparation easier. But with so many different types of chefs knife available on the UK market, choosing the right kind of knife can be a challenge. To help you with your buyers’ journey, we’ve put a simple guide together to help you find the right type of knife.

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  6. Ice Machine Buyers Guide

    Ice Machine Buyers Guide

    One of the most popular pieces of refrigeration equipment in restaurants and bars, the commercial ice machine provides your business with a reliable and consistent supply of ice. With a variety of ice maker types and brands, choosing the right machine for your business can be a tricky process.

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  7. Commercial Fridge Buyers Guide

    Commercial Fridge Buyers Guide

    Utilising the wrong type of refrigeration in the commercial kitchen can have a detrimental effect on both health and safety and practicality. Particularly domestic fridges which appear attractive based on the price tag, but do not perform to the standards required for commercial food service.

    However, choosing the right type of commercial fridge to suit your requirements can be tricky, with such a variety of configurations and technical jargon to navigate.

    This article takes a look at all the types of commercial refrigerator that are available in the UK market and highlights the drawbacks and benefits of each.

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  8. Biodegradable Straws Key Facts

    Biodegradable Straws Key Facts

    With continuing media focus on plastic pollution, the UK government has passed critical legislation to ban the use of single use plastic straws. This ban will see significant changes across the catering and hospitality industry with regards to drink service.

    Since the changes were announced, the industry has already responded, with a variety of ‘biodegradable straws’ coming to market that claim to solve the plastic pollution problem. However, as businesses have started to adopt these new materials, we’ve seen several issues start to be raised around the use of the term ‘biodegradable’, and what it means for the environment.

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  9. Commercial Griddle Buyers Guide

    Commercial Griddle Buyers Guide

    A commercial griddle is typically comprised of a plate of rectangular metal heated by burners or elements underneath the plate, the shape of the griddle suited for the shallow frying of food types like eggs, bacon, pancakes and steak which require a large flat surface to cook evenly. This makes the commercial griddle and ideal for breakfast and lunchtime service.

    With such a wide range of configurations available, you will need to consider what type of commercial griddle is best suited to your business. This guide provides an overview of all the power configurations, plate types and capacities available, helping you to make an informed decision.

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  10. Commercial Microwaves Buyers Guide

    Commercial Microwaves Buyers Guide

    Even in a commercial setting, the microwave is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen; they can fulfil numerous functions helping to reduce the workload on kitchen staff and other appliances saving you time. Unlike with domestic microwaves, commercial microwaves are much more powerful and durable as they have been built with components designed for consistent and long periods of use.

    A commercial microwave has three main primary functions.

    Cooking - The standard, universal function cooking with a microwave is quick and efficient and won’t require any air extraction or plumbing as well as little to no training in its use. However, microwaves don’t brown food.

    Defrosting - Using a microwave to defrost is a much faster method than other methods. Microwaves can defrost a wide range of foods such as bread, vegetables, fish and meat when handled properly.

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