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Professional Charcoal Ovens for Restaurants
Kopa Charcoal Ovens

Kopa Charcoal Ovens: Rediscover Grilling

Kopa Professional Charcoal Ovens are the perfect combination of grilling and traditional charcoal cooking. These modern charcoal ovens allow chefs to completely control the burning, preventing flames from breaking out and scorching food whilst still allowing you to prepare succulent dishes with a unique barbeque grilled aroma.

Designed specifically for high demand professional kitchens, Kopa Charcoal Ovens suit the needs of restaurants and caterers and combine well with other pieces of catering equipment to form the complete image of a modern commercial kitchen.

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Kopa Smoking Ovens

Kopa Smoking Ovens: The New Slow Cooking Charcoal Oven

The new Kopa Smoking Oven deliver restaurants and caterers the opportunity to leverage traditional wood oven cooking in the 21st century. Slow cooked dishes that were only achievable with the use of wood ovens and traditional cooking methods can now easily be prepared in a modern commercial oven.

Built from the ground up to deliver flexibility and precision control, this electronically adjustable unit allows professional chefs to produce authentic traditional cooking textures and flavours in a way that is hygienically clean and well suited to the rigours of modern professional kitchens.

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Kopa Robata Grill

Robata Grills for UK Restaurants

Robata Grills have been traditional in Japan since the days when ancient fisherman took boxes of charcoal on their boats to cook the fish they caught. Today, the Robata Grill is commonly installed in front-of-house catering environments and has become highly-popular with UK restaurants thanks to the theatrical way it allows chefs to showcase preparation and its unprecedented flexibility to cook dishes from all cuisines and cooking styles.

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Energy Efficient

Compared to other charcoal ovens with the same capacity, the Kopa Charcoal Oven has the important advantage of saving energy and reducing operational costs. Typically, Kopa ovens use up to 45% less charcoal than a traditional outdoor grill.


Grilling food such as steaks and burgers in a Kopa Charcoal Oven saves at least 30% of time when compared to grilling on an open unit. For example, a medium rare 4-centimetre beef steak weighing 350g will cook in about 4 minutes.


Kopa Charcoal Ovens combine both a grill and a charcoal oven, making possible to prepare many different dishes. Accurate temperature control allows you to quickly cook meat, fish, vegetables, pizzas and pan dishes perfectly.


Kopa Charcoal Ovens are designed for professional. Their innovative design is highly durable and allows heat to distribute quickly and evenly around the oven. Kopa’s promise of quality backed by a long commercial warranty.

Ease of Use

When starting a fire in the Kopa Charcoal Oven, the heat is well regulated and monitored through the front-facing temperature control. Support for chefs is continuously offered through regular cook-live events and online recipe guides.


Opening and closing the door of a Kopa Charcoal Oven can be done with just one finger whilst heavy-duty insulation prevents heat from escaping from oven to ensures your professional kitchen stays at a comfortable temperature.

See the Kopa Charcoal Oven In Action

The Kopa Charcoal Oven is already used by many professional chefs across the UK and has been the heart-and-soul of many commercial kitchens that choose to feature the core of their menu around grilled food for over a decade. Working with some of the UK’s leading restaurant chains and catering brands, the Kopa charcoal oven has become synonymous with the revolution of modern grilling.

Check out our case study with Whitbread Group Plc and meet Paul Fletcher, Research and Development Chef as they take you on a whistle stop tour of their award-winning kitchens and grill room.

Kopa Professional Charcoal Oven
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