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Professional cooking equipment is essential for any catering business that is serving food and reliable cooking appliance are essential for the success of any commercial kitchen. Whether you’re a small independent cafe or a busy restaurant, browse our range of excellent value cooking equipment that’s designed to meet the rigours of modern commercial kitchens and stand the test of time, even with heavy duty use.

Commercial Ranges

Shop for commercial ranges from leading brands such as Lincat, Parry and Falcon.

Convection Oven

Buy heavy duty commercial convection ovens for restaurants at low trade prices.

Combination Ovens

Low price combination ovens, including Rational Self-Cooking-Centres (SCC).

Charcoal Ovens

Great for a variety of foods, browse our range of commercial charcoal ovens.

Potato Ovens

Highly versatile specialist potato ovens, suitable for both front and back of house.

Pizza Ovens

Commercial pizza ovens alongside beautiful domed pizza ovens for front of house.

Hobs & Induction

Browse specialist induction hobs alongside gas and electric boiling tops.


Commercial microwaves including manual control and digital programmable.

Combination Microwaves

Combination microwaves for high-speed cooking, leading brands such as Merrychef.

Grills & Griddles

Ideal for snack bars and cafes, browse our range of griddles and contact grills.


Authentic cooking for restaurants with these excellent value commercial chargrills.

Salamander Grills

Highly versatile gas and electric salamander grills from Lincat and Parry.


Browse our complete range of commercial fryers including filtration fryer systems.

Countertop Fryers

Buy low price countertop fryers that are ideal for snack cafes and mobile catering.

Free Standing Fryers

Heavy duty commercial free-standing fryers for high capacity deep fried cooking.

Fast Food and Specialist

A range of specialist catering equipment for cooking in fast food restaurants.

Sous Vide

Professional precision temperature controlled sous vide cooking equipment.


Wide range of commercial toasters, including conveyor toasters for hotels.


Rational are the market leader in combination ovens, synonymous in the catering industry for their award-winning Rational Self Cooking Center (SCC) and CombiMaster (CMP) combination ovens.


UK manufacturer Lincat has been at the forefront of professional catering equipment for 40 years. The brand has become synonymous with outstanding reliability and first class technical support.


Hurricane is a British manufacturer of light catering equipment. Focussing on using common technology but applying it in new ways, the brand represents affordable quality.

Catering Equipment Leasing

Spread Payments with our Catering Equipment Leasing

Our competitive commercial catering equipment leasing options mean that businesses can speed up return on their investments, reap significant tax savings an offers complete flexibility to keep your appliances up-to-date. Mix and match appliances and ancillary costs into one catering equipment lease with low, fixed monthly payments to suit your budget.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen Design Service

Are you looking to order more than one piece of commercial catering equipment? Or even looking to modernise and re-design your entire commercial kitchen. Our expert projects team have years of experience working in commercial kitchens and know how to optimise space allocation, advise on the ideal configuration of equipment and can assist in determining kitchen throughput. We have developed a wide skills base that stretches beyond simply installing equipment and includes project management, health and safety, Food Safe wall cladding and safety flooring.

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  1. Hurricane Electric Griddle 3kw
    Hurricane Electric Griddle 3kw SKU: FT-818
    £150.00 £125.00
  2. Hurricane Commercial Waffle Maker Round
    Hurricane Commercial Waffle Maker Round SKU: WB-03D
    £216.00 £180.00
  3. Hurricane Lift Salamander Grill 13 Amp
    Hurricane Lift Salamander Grill 13 Amp SKU: ES-2800L
    £342.00 £285.00
  4. Hurricane Salamander Grill 13 Amp
    Hurricane Salamander Grill 13 Amp SKU: ES-2000
    £168.00 £140.00
  5. Hurricane Crepe Maker Single 400mm
    Hurricane Crepe Maker Single 400mm SKU: CM-1
    £174.00 £145.00
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