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As the UK’s largest independent supplier of catering equipment and catering supplies to the restaurant and hospitality trade, our expert product consultants have years of experience specifying and installing equipment to a wide range of business types. We have compiled this range of buyers guides to help our customers make informed decisions about which products best suit their requirements. From new products and the latest trends, through to specialist knowledge that helps to simplify technical jargon, we are confident that you will find a buyers guide that is relevant to your catering outlet.

  1. How to find the correct till roll for your cash register

    How to find the correct till roll for your cash register

    Finding the correct till roll for your cash register or PDQ machine can be a difficult task with a wealth of possibilities available. This guide has been written to help with finding your specific till roll sizes and types to make ordering rolls as quick and easy as possible.

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  2. Types & Styles of Beer Glasses

    Types & Styles of Beer Glasses

    Over the years beer has flown into our beer glasses in an abundance. Beer has evolved but so has our beer glasses offering a wide range of styles and types with differing purposes. The material, size and even shape of our beer glasses is often used to affect taste, temperature, & usability amongst many other factors. We have put together this info-graphic (resembling an incredibly tall Strange glass) on the styles of beer glasses that are commonly used including Beer Steins, Nonic Pints, Conical Pints, Goblets, Mugs, Pilsner Glasses and more.

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  3. Commercial Dishwasher Chemicals

    Commercial Dishwasher Chemicals

    To clean crockery effectively your commercial dishwasher will use set washing cycles in parallel with measured dosing of specially designed dishwasher detergents and rinse aids. Most commonly these products are sold in 5 litre bottles.

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  4. Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    GN Sizes

    Gastronorm sizes were established by the European Standards Committee to standardise container sizes in the catering industry to make the purchasing, compatibility with catering equipment and use in a kitchen simplistic and efficient. These European standard sizes are stated as GN sizes. Sizes that conform to the EU Standard EN631 are listed below, check out our proportions chart to get a visual reference of the scale between the gastronorm pans.

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  5. Benefits of buying a commercial Blast Chiller

    Benefits of buying a commercial Blast Chiller

    Blast Chillers are becoming increasingly more popular amongst restaurants and bars as a means of improving food safety and longevity helping meet standards and increase profits. We have outlined the most frequently asked questions about the benefits of blast chilling and the types of blast chillers below.

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  6. A Guide To Chefs Knives

    A Guide To Chefs Knives

    Having the right chefs knife for the task at hand can make food preparation easier. But with so many different types of chefs knife available on the UK market, choosing the right kind of knife can be a challenge. To help you with your buyers’ journey, we’ve put a simple guide together to help you find the right type of knife.

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  7. Why  you should be offering cocktails in the hospitality industry?

    Why you should be offering cocktails in the hospitality industry?

    Why you should be offering cocktails

    Spirit based drinks are continuously rising in popularity throughout the drinks market, consequentially seeping into the hospitality venues. One of the most in drinks, which has seen the most substantial rise in popularity is Gin. With 51 million bottles sold in the UK in 2017, Gin’s demand is expected to rise further throughout 2018.

    This steady rise in spirt popularity has led to frequent openings of new distillery companies producing new flavour variations to mix up the market and re-engage customer. Coinciding with vodka, gin’s versatile recipe has become a significant driving point in pushing the cocktail trend. Cocktails; often a combination of spirit with other drinks/juices are exceedingly flexible for producing new and innovative combinations than just the pre-existing mixes. This trend of new blends prevents the market from becoming stagnated.

    The cocktail market reinvention is an ideal and profitable trend that

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  8. Coffee Machine Leasing: Return on Investment

    Coffee Machine Leasing: Return on Investment

    With average expenditure ranging from £600 to over £4000, buying a new commercial coffee machine is typically the most expensive piece individual item of catering equipment an independent coffee shop or café may purchase.

    This article looks at how coffee machine leasing may provide an alternative method to fund your businesses growth and asks if these appliances can pay for itself, adding to the bottom line of your business.

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  9. Ice Machine Buyers Guide

    Ice Machine Buyers Guide

    One of the most popular pieces of refrigeration equipment in restaurants and bars, the commercial ice machine provides your business with a reliable and consistent supply of ice. With a variety of ice maker types and brands, choosing the right machine for your business can be a tricky process.

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  10. Choosing The Right Espresso Machines | Commercial Espresso Machine Buyers Guide

    Choosing The Right Espresso Machines | Commercial Espresso Machine Buyers Guide

    As any seasoned barista will know, that even with years of skill and experience you have in the trade, you can easily be let down by outdated, poor performing or unsuited pieces of equipment. This is particularly accurate when it comes to coffee and espresso machines, in a full industry you need every edge for your café to stand out and keep your customers coming back for more, that’s why it’s essential to select the right espresso machine to get the results you want. The equipment you choose must also be budgeted for and be able to provide a cost-effective commercial solution and a return on investment, here are some things you need to consider before you buy.

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