Facilities Supplies

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Browse our extensive selection of commercial facilities supplies designed to keep restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals and schools not just spotless but germ-free. From grouted tiles to carpets to polished wooden floors, find the best professional cleaning equipment that you need to tackle all areas of your establishment here.

Paper Hygiene and Dispensers

Our range of hand towel dispensers and paper towel dispensers is ideal for use in commercial kitchens or public toilets and will help to ensure minimal paper wastage by staff and customers.

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Soap Dispensers

Essential to stopping the spread of germs, we supply a range of soap dispensers to provide a hygienic and economical method of hand washing.

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First Aid

A critical health and safety obligation for any business is the provision of first aid kits for their staff and customers. We stock a wide range of HSE and BSI approved catering first aid kits for all sizes of catering establishment.

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Insect Control

Failure to manage flies in food preparation areas and kitchens can lead to health and safety issues, development of infestations and generally bad hygiene practices. Business can limit their exposure to these issues by installing an electric fly killer.

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We have an extensive collection of commercial bins, including colour coded bins from manufacturers such as Rubbermaid, Curver and Carlisle.

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Bin Liners

We stock a wide range of refuse sacks, larger compactor sacks, clear bin liners, coloured sacks and many more sacks to aid in the clean disposal of refuse from your catering establishment.

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Complimentary Toiletries

Browse this quality collection of miniature shampoos, conditioners, body washes and vanity kits that set a high-standard for your washrooms and get exclusive low-trade prices on all items.

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