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  1. What is REPA ? | Eco friendly Material

    What is REPA ? | Eco friendly Material

    What is REPA

    REPA is nontoxic, 100% biodegradable material produced from ground seashells that provides the same consistency and practical use as plastic. REPA applications as a plastic alternative is leading it to be touted as perfect for use in large commercial and catering establishments looking for harmful plastic alternatives.

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  2. PLA plastic | Biodegradable Bioplastic

    PLA plastic | Biodegradable Bioplastic

    What is PLA

    Polylactic acid or PLA is a bioactive thermoplastic polyester which is biodegradable, produced from renewable resources, most commonly corn starch or sugarcane, this bioplastic has similar characteristics similar to polypropylene, polyethylene or polystyrene (the most common types of plastic used for plastic products).

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  3. Palm Leaf Tableware | Eco friendly Packaging

    Palm Leaf Tableware | Eco friendly Packaging

    A new plastic alternative is becoming more popular within the catering industry. Palm leaf products like the name suggests are made from fallen areca palm leaf’s that are cleaned with water, dried and then stretched and flattened. Various plates and bowl shapes are then moulded using a heated press.

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  4. Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    Gastronorm Sizing Guide

    GN Sizes

    Gastronorm sizes were established by the European standards committee to standardize container sizes in the catering industry in order to make the purchasing, compatibility with catering equipment and use in a kitchen simplistic and efficient.

    These European standard sizes are stated as GN sizes. Sizes the conform the Eu standard EN631 are listed below, check out our proportions chart to get a visual reference of the scale between the gastronorm pans.

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  5. What is Bagasse Material ? | Eco friendly packaging

    What is Bagasse Material ? | Eco friendly packaging

    What is Bagasse

    Bagasse (ba-gas) is plant fibre. More specially it is the fibrous matter by-product left over from the production of sugarcane, a bio waste product that was typically just disposed of, thrown away or burnt as had no practical application. However now Bagasse is being treated as highly valuable and renewable resource especially in the catering industry.

    Bagasse vs traditional resources

    Bagasse is being used as a perfect substitution for many products that have traditional been made from tree wood, pulp and fibre as well as plastic food packaging products e.g. takeaway boxes. Despite trees being a renewable resource, this period of renewal is a significantly longer process than a single growing season that it would take for a Bagasse crop to be harvested.

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  6. Commercial Kitchen Design At The Greyhound

    Commercial Kitchen Design At The Greyhound

    The Greyhound is a traditional bistro pub, offering customers a wide food menu and award-winning ales. Situated in a listed building, it is owned by McMullens and is now in its 181st year of operation.

    Unfortunately, the pub was damaged by a fire in 2017. Buzz Catering was contracted to undertake the full refurbishment, including commercial kitchen design, supply and installation of catering equipment.

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  7. Why Choose Catering Equipment Over Domestic Appliances

    It is common practice for many businesses to opt out of buying commercial catering equipment and go for the cheaper domestic appliances to save money. However, these “budget buys” don’t always turn out as expected, often resulting in unexpected costs for premature replacements when equipment functions poorly or malfunctions unexpectedly.

    This article looks at the two most common issues when buying domestic appliances for your business and why they might lead you to pay out more than you initially expected.

    Domestic Warranties

    You will find that many domestic appliances do not come with a warranty that truly safeguards against breakdown. Most only offer the statutory minimum requirement of a refund.

    Even in situations where a domestic appliance does offer a warranty for repair or replacement, it will almost certainly not cover use of that appliance in any type of commercial premises.

    That’s because manufacturers have no idea of what level of

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  8. Reach In Blast Chillers & Blast Chilling

    Reach In Blast Chillers & Blast Chilling

    Just a few years ago blast chilling was a process that was almost entirely limited to large-scale food production plants and larger commercial kitchens found in hotels.

    However, with many new ‘entry level’ commercial blast chillers entering the market over the last 5 years that are aimed at small scale production, this technology is easily accessible to smaller commercial kitchens and independent establishments.

    This article looks at how the new generation of Williams WBC Blast Chillers allows chefs and caterers to increase productivity, improve food quality and revolutionise health and safety standards.

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  9. Benefits of buying a commercial Blast Chiller

    What is a blast chiller?

    A blast chiller uses powerful fans to blast cooled air onto the hot food which reduces the temperature rapidly. Typically, a standard chiller will chill from 70 to 3 c in less than 90 minutes, our new range of Williams blast chillers can blast chill from a temp of 90 c. This process eliminates the risk of slow cooling in the bacteria growth danger zone.

    The better models will automatically control the chilling process to preserve food quality in terms of its appearance, taste, texture, aroma and nutritional values. Over the years blast chiller models have been made more suitable for varying applications and venue sizes, one example would be the introduction of undercounter blast chillers.

    Why would you need a blast chiller in a commercial kitchen?

    If you cook, then immediately chill the food, its internal temperature needs to be reduced safely from its top cooked temperature (70c or above) to 3 c within a

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  10. Stolzle Power Wine Glass Receives Prestigious Award

    Stolzle Power Wine Glass Receives Prestigious Award

    The new Stolzle Power Wine Glass range has been awarded the German Design Award thanks to their ground-breaking strength and innovative design. This new commercial glassware collection features three new Stemmed Wine Glasses and two Wine Tumblers, stunning the judges in both the table top group and product design excellence categories.

    In this article we explore what this prestigious award means for the Stolzle glassware brand and look at what this revolutionary design is doing so well to influence the restaurant and hospitality sector.

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