Jigger Measures

Jiggers or Bar Jiggers are small hourglass shaped spirit measures which help in pouring the exact amount of liquor into glasses. With 2 measures on each end of the Jigger, preparing drinks is sped up dramatically. Cocktail Jiggers are often used when preparing cocktails helping add theatre and efficiency to your bar service. We have a trendy selection of Bar Jiggers that are available in stainless steel, copper, as well as vintage styles and more. It is a legal requirement to serve gin, whisky, vodka and rum in multiples of 25ml and 35ml within England and Wales, making a CE stamped jigger a requirement for any pub, bar or nightclub serving spirits. Read more about measures with our weights & measures guide for additional information regarding laws and regulations surrounding sale of alcohol in pubs, bars & restaurants.

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