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Commercial Ice machine Specialists: We are a specialist supplier of commercial ice machines to the UK catering and hospitality trade. Working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Graupel, Hoshizaki and Winterhalter.

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Scotsman Ice Cube maker Leasing Options

Commercial Ice Machine Leasing: Our flexible weekly and monthly payment options are available across our commercial range, allowing you to choose the right ice machine for your requirements and maximise return on investment.

Ice Machine Leasing

Graupel Ice Machines 30% Off

Great Deals On Quality Ice machines: Save 30% on all our Graupel Range Ice Machines, sourced from across the globe this comprehensive range features a varied range of equipment suited to all requirements and budgets.

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Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes This is the standard and most generally used type of ice. this type is ideal for keeping your drinks refreshing and chilled. The sizing of this ice can vary and is suitable for bars, pubs and quick serve.

Thimble Ice

Thimble Ice Used in events special occasions, banquets and upscale restaurants, this ice will not dilute the flavour of drink due to its longer retention rate, this crystal-clear ice has an aesthetic appeal making it an attractive option for special events.

Flaked Ice

Flaked Ice This ice is typically seen in snow cones but can also be used to preserve food on display. It is also great for maintaining hydration of food for a long period of time.

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  1. Polar Counter Top Ice Maker 10kg Output
    Polar Countertop Ice Machine (11kg) SKU: SPT315
    £204.00 £170.00
  2. 10%
    Graupel Table Top Ice Machine 6kg/24Hrs
    Graupel Table Top Ice Machine 6kg/24Hrs SKU: ZB28
    Special Price £215.94 £179.95 Regular Price £239.94
  3. Polar Counter Top Ice Maker 15kg Output
    Polar Countertop Ice Machine (17kg) SKU: SPG620
    £258.00 £215.00
  4. Polar SPT316 Under Counter Ice Maker 20kg Output
    Polar Under Counter Ice Machine (20Kg) SKU: SPT316
    £426.00 £355.00
  5. Ice-O-Matic ICEU36 Ice machine 19kg/6kg
    Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine (19 Kg) SKU: ICEU36
    As low as £558.00 £465.00
  6. Whirlpool K20 Ice Maker (20Kg)
    Whirlpool K20 Ice Maker (20Kg) SKU: K20
    £618.00 £515.00
  7. Polar Bullet Ice Maker (50 Kg)
    Polar Bullet Ice Maker (50 Kg) SKU: SPGL192
    £624.00 £520.00
  8. Ice-O-Matic ICEU46 Ice Machine 23kg/8kg
    Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine (23 Kg) SKU: ICEU46
    As low as £666.00 £555.00
  9. Scotsman ACM46 Ice Maker - 24kg
    Scotsman Ice Machine (24Kg) SKU: ACM46
    As low as £702.00 £585.00
  10. 30%
    Graupel Ice Cube Maker 45kg/24Hrs
    Graupel Ice Machine (45Kg / 24 Hrs) SKU: ZBY-40D
    Special Price £718.80 £599.00 Regular Price £1,026.85
  11. Ice-o-Matic ICEU56 Ice Machine 28kg/8.5kg
    Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine (28 Kg) SKU: ICEU56
    As low as £726.00 £605.00
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