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250+ Commercial Grills & Griddles In Stock: We are the UK’s largest stockist of commercial cookers, with over 250 cookers from leading brands such as Lincat, Falcon & Buffalo available in our warehouse for FREE next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

Expert Advice on Grills & Griddles: We have 35 years experience specifying, installing and maintaining cooking equipment in restaurants and hotels. See our griddles buyers guide or speak to an expert consultant today.

Low Price Promise: If you find a grill or griddle unit cheaper elsewhere, speak to one of our sales team and we will guarantee to beat the price.

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Perfect for cooking a wide range of food quickly, our grills and griddles range are perfect for use in busy cafés, bistros as well use in mobile catering applications. Our grills and griddles come in many different configurations with single and double capacities as well as ribbed, flat plates or dual zone. We work with some of the leading grills and griddle manufacturers to guarantee you the lowest prices. Grills & griddles are classified into 8 categories.


If you want to cook tasty and succulent meat, chargrills are your best option. Available in countertop and freestanding versions these powerful cooking appliances create that flame grilled flavour and texture that will have your customers coming back for more. From £580.00

Contact grills

Becoming the must-have gadget within commercial kitchens, contact grills are ideal for sandwiches, paninis, meat and vegetables, contact grills cook food quickly and efficiently. Turning food becomes obsolete as food is sealed locking in juices improving overall flavour. From £250.00


Perfect for a busy breakfast service, A commercial griddle offers high versatility with the variety of food that can be cooked on these appliances such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, burgers, fish and vegetables, delivering consistently perfect cooking results.From £185.00

Infared Grill

Using infrared elements to cook food, infrared grills can generate much higher temperatures than normal grills and can heat up faster speeding up cooking times. The elements also give off an attractive glow making it great for front of house. From £215.00

Kebab grill

As the name suggests these units are the ideal cooking machine for busy kebab houses and takeaways, using rotary spits, meat is cooked evenly every time. We stock premium manufacturers such as roller grill and archway ensuring high quality. From £620.00

Panini Grill

Perfect for lunchtime service, our panini grills come in a range of suitability from small cafés to full catering kitchens. Our panini grills range is designed to cope with the rigours of modern commercial catering. From £150.00

Salamander Grill

Highly versatile, salamander grills add may options to your cooking potential as it can handle cooking meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the salamander’s higher temperatures which ensure fast cooking without the grease from a frying pan. From £195.00

Specialist Grills

Discover specialist ranges of grills and griddles offering a variety of benefits and features that you would not find in a standard unit, Our specialist range includes clam grills providing faster cooking times, precise timing control and clam pressure adjustment. From £3300

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  1. Hurricane Electric Griddle 3kw
    Hurricane Electric Griddle 3kw SKU: FT-818
    £150.00 £125.00
  2. Hurricane Lift Salamander Grill 13 Amp
    Hurricane Lift Salamander Grill 13 Amp SKU: ES-2800L
    £342.00 £285.00
  3. Hurricane Salamander Grill 13 Amp
    Hurricane Salamander Grill 13 Amp SKU: ES-2000
    £168.00 £140.00
  4. Lincat OG8202 Opus 800 Griddle - Machined Steel Gas
    Lincat OG8202 Opus 800 Griddle - Machined Steel Gas SKU: OG8202
    As low as £2,076.00 £1,730.00
  5. Lincat OG8201/R Opus 800 Griddle - Half-Ribbed Steel Gas
    Lincat OG8201/R Opus 800 Griddle - Half-Ribbed Steel Gas SKU: OG8201/R
    As low as £1,998.00 £1,665.00
  6. Lincat OG8202/C Opus 800 Griddle - Chrome 900mm
    Lincat OG8202/C Opus 800 Griddle - Chrome 900mm SKU: OG8202/C
    As low as £3,342.00 £2,785.00
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