Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies for Caterers

PPE. Cleaning Equipment, Sanitisers & Disinfectants

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is vital for keeping staff and customers safe. Our catering specialist range includes nitrile disposable gloves, face masks, face shields, disposable aprons and more.

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Mops & Buckets

Available in a range of styles, including socket mop and Kentucky mop systems each of our colour-coded items to help with area separation, required in catering businesses.

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Brushes & Brooms

We provide caterers with a wide range of colour coded brushes and brooms, helping businesses to maintain hygienic environments and meet health and safety obligations.

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Tools & Accessories

We provide caterers with a wide selection of cleaning and hygiene tools and accessories including plungers, squeegees, stepping stools, yellow wet floor signs and griddle scrapers.

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Sponges & Scourers

We offer a range of sponges and scourers ideal for cleaning up all your pots and pans, including a selection of stainless steel scourers which will not corrode over time.

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Cloths and Tea Towels

Suitable for use throughout your catering establishment, we have a selection of colour-coded, multi-surface cloths which can be used wet or dry depending on the cleaning requirements.

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Sanitisers & Disinfectants

Professional sanitiser sprays, concentrate disinfectants and sanitiser wipes for all hard surfaces found throughout the business, home or restaurant.

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Cleaning Chemicals

All cleaning chemicals for use throughout your home or business. Shop our wide range from kitchen cleaning to washroom, bathroom and front of house.

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We are a specialist wholesaler of cleaning equipment for the catering and hospitality trade, with years of experience in helping businesses to maintain clean and hygienic food preparation areas and meet food safety standards. Our range of cleaning equipment for catering features a large range of colour coded equipment to help with waste and area separation, which is vital for use in in commercial kitchens and bar areas to ensure that food safety standards are met. 

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