Bar Spoons

When it comes to stirring cocktails, the bar spoon has been specially designed for making the task as simple as possible. Almost all cocktail spoons feature a long, twisted shaft and can be used for a number of things such as:

Laying Drinks: By placing the nozzle of the pourer at one end of the twisted shaft and pouring gently, the liquor can travel along the spoon and reach the bottom of the glass without splashing, which can be vital if you are making a drink with multiple layers, especially if you have a long, thin glass.

Mixing: The correct way to use a cocktail spoon is to rotate the spoon between your fingers as you move it around the mixing glass. The twisted stem allows your fingers to rotate the spoon more efficiently.

5ml Measure: Most cocktail spoons are considered to hold 5ml of liquid, which is ideal for adding smaller measures of ingredients like syrups to your cocktails.

Muddler: European cocktail spoons feature a flat disc end which can double as a muddler for soft fruits or sugar cubes.

Bar Fork: Some Cocktail Spoons will feature a fork on the tip offering the highly practical opportunity to stab solid ingredients either for precise placement of garnishing or holding in place for muddling.

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